We make websites for nonprofits.

Nonprofit Website Responsive Design

We know a website can and should be so much more than a pretty place to send people.  It should help your nonprofit in tangible ways, like:

  • Boosting fundraising by inspiring donors and helping you maintain relationships with past donors
  • Increasing volunteerism by connecting you with new volunteers and easing the process of managing volunteer events
  • Raising awareness of your organization by publishing content that resonates with potential supporters and making information easy for them to find
  • Serving your community by sharing educational content or offering tools your community members rely on

Your nonprofit’s website should showcase all of the inspiring things you’re doing to make the world a better place.  And we think it’s our job to help you do just that.  Simply put:

We help good people do good things better.

Why We Work With Nonprofits

We get asked a lot why we work with nonprofits.  Our answer is pretty simple.  We love this stuff.  That’s why we do what we do every single day.

Every member of our team has a unique path that brought him or her to Wired Impact.  But we’ve all been involved in nonprofit work in various capacities for years.

We’ve spent time in gigantic, multinational organizations and small, grassroots ones.  We’ve worked alongside organizations in Ecuador, India and South Africa.  We’ve been teachers, consultants and conservationists.  We bring this passion for making the world a better place into every project we touch at Wired Impact.

A Bit About Our Team

You can read a bit about our team below.  Or if you’re really interested, you can click on each of us to find out more.

David Hartstein

David Hartstein

David Hartstein is Wired Impact’s storyteller and measurement guy. He spends a lot of his time figuring out how to tell stories in a compelling way and writing about how nonprofits can leverage the web. His path to Wired Impact has included time in South Africa and teaching elementary school in New York.

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Jonathan Goldford

Jonathan Goldford Small

Jonathan Goldford is Wired Impact’s resident programmer and usability chap.  He spends most of his time hunkered down with code working to make websites load faster and work more simply.  Jonathan founded what is now Wired Impact after finishing a fellowship with an NGO in India.

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Alex McLain

Alex McLain

Alex McLain is Wired Impact’s in-house web designer.  She spends her time researching and designing websites, infographics and downloadable guides for nonprofits.  Alex found her way to Wired Impact after working in advertising.

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What Makes Us Different

We know there are a ton of great web companies out there.  We’re lucky enough to call many of them our friends.

Every web design company has their strengths.  Over the years, we’ve developed ours in a way we believe best helps us to serve the nonprofits we work with.

Want to hear some specifics?  Read a bit about how we’re different.

How We’re Different

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