David Hartstein

David Hartstein

David Hartstein doesn’t much like talking about himself, especially in third person, but here it goes.


After graduating pre-school, David spent 13 years in the public school system before heading to Washington University in St. Louis. After four years of seminars, papers and editing videos, David graduated summa cum laude, studying sociology, psychology and video production.

He then spent some time at Hunter College in New York City where he got a masters in Early Childhood Education.

Entry into Nonprofit Web Work

David’s path to Wired Impact has been a bit roundabout. Throughout high school he was involved with a few St. Louis area nonprofits aimed at youth advocacy and social justice.

While in college, he took a lot of photos and spent 6 months making a documentary on children in South Africa – an experience that left him a bit obsessed with the idea of using media to tell stories and connect people that may never meet face-to-face.

After graduating from Wash U, he taught elementary school in Brooklyn, New York for a few years. He saw firsthand the role technology can play in telling stories and ultimately creating a lot of good in the world. He loved teaching, but ultimately saw working at Wired Impact as a chance to exercise his passion for using technology to tell stories and enable more good to happen. He’s been a part of Wired Impact (formerly JG Visual) since August of 2010.

Role at Wired Impact

David’s basically Wired Impact’s storyteller and measurement guy.

He spends a lot of his time figuring out how to tell stories in a compelling way. Whether it’s writing articles, drafting website content, or figuring out how to organize a new website, David spends a good portion of his day thinking about ways to weave more interesting narratives.

In addition to storytelling, he focuses on how to connect with the right people, which usually involves some mix of search engine optimization and social media. He takes to Twitter and Facebook routinely in an effort to figure out how social media can help an organization do more good and meet new people.

David also spends a lot of time measuring website success and figuring out what changes could help improve a given site using website analytics. He gets a bit too excited about data and has a perpetual smile on his face when working on Excel spreadsheets.

Outside of Work

When he’s not working, David loves reading, watching the St. Louis Cardinals and pretty much anything involving the outdoors. He’s an avid NPR listener and really likes film shorts. He takes photos whenever he possibly can and once picked up a 7-10 split, but didn’t see it since he’d already turned his back to the pins.

He’s a member of Champions for Children, the young professionals board for Children’s Miracle Network of Greater St. Louis and volunteers with United Way GenNext whenever he can.

David was recently named 30 Under 30 by the St. Louis Business Journal.

Some of David’s Writing

From time to time David has a chance to do some writing about nonprofits and the web. Here is some of his work:

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