Jonathan Goldford

Jonathan Goldford

Jonathan is an absolute web geek, but with a lot less of the stereotypical social awkwardness that often comes along with it.


Jonathan spent all of his pre-college years in the St. Louis public school system and then headed out west to attend the University of Southern California (USC). After four years he graduated summa cum laude with a major in Business, a minor in Nonprofits, Philanthropy and Volunteerism, and a specialization in Web Development.

Entry into Nonprofit Web Work

As you can probably tell from his degree, Jonathan has had an interest in both nonprofits and the internet for a long time.

While in college, he spent two summers working for nonprofits. He spent one summer as an Americorps VISTA member with the American Red Cross in Illinois doing disaster response and emergency preparedness training. He spent another summer interning at the United Way of America headquarters in Washington, D.C., where he helped complete a market analysis of the training opportunities offered to local United Way organizations.

After graduating from USC, he spent four months implementing a mobile technology network for an NGO in Karnataka, India. The fellowship through the USC Stevens Institute for Innovation helped him see the effect technology could have on an organization.

After returning from India, he decided to pass on an offer to enter the General Electric Financial Management Program to pursue his love of web design. He founded JG Visual (which has since become Wired Impact) in August of 2009.

Role at Wired Impact

Jonathan spends the majority of his time at Wired Impact focused on web development and usability.

He takes all of the planning (which he does a good bit of too) and makes it into a reality. He’s often pouring over lines of code, and loves reading about the newest and coolest coding practices.  He’s on a never-ending crusade to make web pages load ever faster and gets a bit overly excited about small fractions of a second.

In addition to coding the websites, Jonathan also brings an intense focus on user experience to every Wired Impact project. He tries to view everything through the eyes of a potential website visitor, allowing him to build sites that are intuitive and functional.

Outside of building new websites, Jonathan works with nonprofits to review their current websites and discuss areas for improvement. He frequently performs website audits to comprehensively review the current state of a nonprofit’s web presence. He’s a bit of a data geek, but acknowledges it, which at least means he’s not oblivious.

Outside of Work

Aside from work, Jonathan likes to be outside, watch movies and eat a good slice of pizza. He’s a big Cardinals fan and tries to play sports whenever possible.

He’s also the chairperson of the Launch St. Louis Board of Directors, a nonprofit that focuses on developing and retaining young professionals in the St. Louis area by driving them to get involved in the community.

Awards & Honors

Jonathan has been fortunate enough to receive some fantastic awards and honors. Here’s a list of some of them:

30 Under 30 – St. Louis Business Journal

100 St. Louisans You Should Know to Succeed in Business – St. Louis Small Business Monthly

Generation Now – St. Louis Magazine

Top Young Entrepreneurs – St. Louis Small Business Monthly

Some of Jonathan’s Writing

Sometimes Jonathan has a chance to write for various websites about programming and how to use the web more effectively. Here are some of his posts:

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