Twitter for Nonprofits: 5 Tips to Get You Started

Twitter for Nonprofits

There’s no reason to fret if your nonprofit is just getting started on Twitter. I’m of the opinion that you can never be anything but fashionably late. With around 284 million active users, Twitter is an awesome place to promote your nonprofit, share information and engage with people interested in what you’re doing. READ MORE >>

33 Nonprofit Blog Post Ideas to Educate Your Readers

Educate Your Readers

Your blog plays a vital role in informing visitors of the latest and greatest with your nonprofit and your cause. Giving your readers relevant news updates, sharing the history of your cause and nonprofit, and providing resources for those interested in knowing more are all foolproof ways to further educate blog visitors on the importance of your cause and your work. READ MORE >>

Blogging for Nonprofits: Tips and Inspiration

Blogging for Nonprofits Tips

We’ve written about blogging for nonprofits quite a bit: why your organization needs one, how you can make it better and suggested about a million blog post ideas (seriously, there are a lot). But, we’ve never actually spelled out what makes a nonprofit blog “great.”

Personally, I think we’re a bit overdue.

Choosing Stock Photography That Isn’t Cheesy

Choosing Stock Photography

You’re working on developing a brand new website for your nonprofit. You’re feeling great about your message and content, but something is missing. You notice that the missing puzzle piece is imagery. Your words tell your story wonderfully, but your organization just doesn’t have many images to enhance your message in a compelling way. Hiring a professional photographer might be out of the budget. You may be on a deadline, and not have the time to coordinate a full-fledged photo shoot.

What do you do? How do you get quality photos to help tell your nonprofit’s story? Stock photography to the rescue! READ MORE >>