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Our goal is to make the process of building your website as easy and straightforward as possible for your busy nonprofit staff. The decisions you make as you create your new website affect the impact you’re able to make online. Use the following articles as guidance to build a website and online presence that actively works toward your nonprofit’s goals.

Current clients can also reach out directly to our experts.

Our Third Party Recommendations for Nonprofits

These services will help your nonprofit get the most out of a limited budget. Many even offer a special discount to nonprofits.

Setting Up Your Accounts

After you’ve chosen which services you’ll be using, check out these resources to get your accounts set up and in order.

Developing an Intuitive Website Structure

Website StructuresThe pages on your website should be clearly named and organized logically to make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for. Use these resources to create a clear and logical structure.

Creating Awesome Website Content

web page content for nonprofitsWriting great content for your website is extremely important, but it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. These resources will help you create awesome content without any delays.

Making Your Site Look Great

You want your website to look good as well as do good. Check out the following resources and best practices for creating a slick looking nonprofit website.

Additional Client Support

Current clients can reach out to us through a support form directly within your WordPress Dashboard. Log into your website and then fill out the “Website Support” form. You’ll hear back from one of Wired Impact’s specialists within one business day.