Alexa Cromwell

Alexa Cromwell

Alexa loves waking up before everyone else, taking notes and office supplies.

Role at Wired Impact

Alexa is a project manager at Wired Impact. Find her working closely with our nonprofit clients, poring over details and meeting deadlines. Always thinking ahead, Alexa talks through the fine points with clients to develop a website that can grow with them into the future.

She loves looking into the amazing work that clients are doing outside of their website projects and seeing the real difference they make in the world. Her favorite parts of the process are the initial design and content calls. At the start of the project, these important conversations shape a project’s goals, reveal what is most important and solidify how they envision their own work.

Why She Loves This Work

Alexa is a firm believer in the inspirational power of stories. She loves that the work she gets to do at Wired Impact helps nonprofits share those powerful narratives behind their work: the stories of their team, volunteers, donors and those they serve. In her mind, it’s that deep person-to-person connection that makes the nonprofit sector so unique.

Harnessing the power of the web can be inspiring in and of itself. But helping the people who help people allows her to feel that every day she comes into work, she’s taking a small step toward making the world a better place for everyone.

Her Path to Nonprofit Web Work

Alexa has worked for nonprofits since she was 15. She found it an excellent way to learn about the world while helping others in the process. Majoring in English and Philosophy, she always envisioned a career where she could use storytelling as a tool for change.

After college, she wound up working for an organization that community-sources nonprofit stories. People love sharing and reading stories about nonprofits, but she found that not a lot of nonprofits seemed to be taking full advantage of their digital presence. She’s excited to help change that with Wired Impact.

Outside of Work

She sees herself as constantly learning and growing and loves to share that power of learning with kids. There’s not much that makes her happier than seeing a kid with a book or talking to parents about their daughter’s newly-found love of math. Two of her favorite volunteering experiences were with JSA and the Girls’ Grant Project within the Women’s Foundation of Greater Kansas City, both of which bring crazy cool educational opportunities to kids from different backgrounds.

Alexa also loves cooking, trying out new foods and exploring new places. Some of her favorite things (in no particular order) include her two dogs, reading, stand-up comedy, being outside, sports, live music (especially her Dad’s bluegrass band), 90’s R&B and baby-laughing videos.

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