Maddy Agers

Maddy Agers

Maddy is eternally grateful to the power of espresso for fueling her crime show addiction.

Role at Wired Impact

As Wired Impact’s Marketing Intern, Maddy brings unique insights and skills to the team that assist in improving our customer experience. Whether evaluating our published resources, creating new content, or being part of the Project Management team, she is here to serve everyone from blog readers to clients!

Why She Loves This Work

Thanks to growing up in a small business family, Maddy knows the value a high-quality website can provide to an organization. She became highly involved in Venturing, the co-ed branch of the Boy Scouts of America, at age 14 and spent five years serving in over a dozen volunteer marketing positions.

After watching the immensely positive impact of a nonprofit unfold in her life, she decided to jump back in and use her skills to help more organizations achieve their missions. Coming to work each day is exciting for Maddy because she truly believes in the work Wired Impact is able to help nonprofits carry out.

Her Path to Nonprofit Web Work

After volunteering in several marketing positions for the Boy Scouts in America as a teenager, Maddy decided to pursue a Strategic Communication degree at Maryville University. She has spent several years throughout high school and college building her marketing agency for small businesses to boost her overall experience and skills.

Maddy interned in various marketing roles across St. Louis but always felt drawn to the summers she spent in West Virginia serving at Boy Scout jamborees. After giving it a lot of thought, she started looking into doing more work with nonprofits and happened upon Wired Impact. She immediately fell in love with what they were able to provide to organizations and was lucky enough to begin working for the company.

Outside of Work

Maddy is often out in the community supporting organizations that encourage leadership in youth or aid in the success of local small businesses. She is always on standby to help the Boy Scouts with any local media engagements and actively mentors fellow young people in the program. She also tutors and advocates for student writing as the Editor-in-Chief of her college’s paper because she believes that everyone is a writer deep down.

When Maddy is not working or writing papers, she is taking her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Scout, on a hike with a frisbee and a good book. She’s a foodie at heart and loves cooking an amazing meal to enjoy over an intense episode of Criminal Minds or Law and Order. She is always planning some sort of adventure, whether it be to a mountain or food truck, so ask her where she’s going next!