Sharon Arminio

Sharon loves — in no particular order — crime shows and lists.

Role at Wired Impact

Sharon is a Project Manager at Wired Impact where she spends her time tracking progress, making to-do lists and aggressively using Asana. Whether it’s walking a client through a new website, listening to feedback or brainstorming with the team, she loves the different challenges that each day brings.

Why She Loves This Work

Being able to make a significant impact by partnering up with nonprofits is something that Sharon finds incredibly rewarding. Working for Wired Impact allows her to help place tools into the hands of an amazing and ever-growing number of nonprofits.

Additionally, Sharon loves assisting people in reaching their goals. To her, it’s extremely satisfying not only to see a project through from start to finish, but also support in whatever capacity necessary.

Her Path to Nonprofit Web Work

With a colorful and diverse professional background, Sharon’s most recent jobs centered around project management and client services. While she enjoyed it, something that was always nagging in the back of her mind was the question of whether or not she could be doing something more worthwhile.

Being able to marry her job with the need to do more meaningful work was something that she was lucky to find with Wired Impact.

Outside of Work

Outside of working, Sharon enjoys the lower key activities such as binge watching Netflix (an embarrassing amount of hours) or getting lost in a good book. If she’s feeling more adventurous (read: not as lazy), she loves hiking, capturing nature through photography and venturing out on new travel adventures.

Moving around quite a bit means that she roots for some random sports teams, but she’s got family and friends in a lot of states, who she loves to spend time with. She’s also written a couple of books, won’t say no to a good glass of red wine and sometimes talks in movie quotes.

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