50CAN National Site Launches

50CAN National

We’re pumped to announce the launch of the 50CAN National site!

The 50CAN organization connects and supports a network of advocacy campaigns in various communities. With the belief that successful education advocacy lies in local action, 50CAN advocates work in their own communities to improve education systems for all students.

50CAN Responsive

Working with the 50CAN team to implement their designs, we created a responsive website with welcoming homepage that invites visitors to learn more about education advocacy and get involved.

50CAN Homepage

50CAN shares its advocacy guides, reports and strategic plans to help inspire and support more advocacy leaders. To showcase their research and resources, we built a system that can display assets by category and highlight a featured resource. Visitors can download individual resources in a variety of digital formats and share them on social media.

50CAN Resources

To celebrate the 50CAN network’s accomplishments in education advocacy, we created a system to display policy wins.  Visitors can browse a chronological feed of policy victories or filter the list by policy principle and state.

50CAN Policy Wins

But those victories wouldn’t be possible without 50CAN’s team of strong leaders. We built a fun and celebratory staff and board system that lets each member’s individuality shine through. Each person appears in an aggregate list on the staff or board page along with their photo. Visitors can see a second image for each staff member by rolling their mouse over the photos and click through to individual profile pages.

50CAN Staff

Visit the 50CAN website to learn more about their unique approach to education advocacy and see their efforts in action.

To view more of our work, visit our portfolio.