Core Knowledge Foundation Website Launches

Core Knowledge Foundation

We’re super excited to announce the launch of the Core Knowledge Foundation website.

The Core Knowledge Foundation is dedicated to the success of all students. They developed a unique, knowledge-based schooling sequence, as well as curriculum and teaching resources to go along with it, to ensure every student is able to achieve their full academic potential.

Core Knowledge responsive

We created a responsive website with a bright and school-friendly homepage that holds a spotlight on the amazing free resources and support that Core Knowledge provides to its community.


Core Knowledge: Home

Because Core Knowledge offers a good deal of their fundamental curriculum and resources for free, they needed a simple and comprehensive way to distribute them on their website. We built a resource repository where visitors can filter options by subject and grade, view individual resources on separate pages, and easily download teaching materials by completing a simple form with the first download. Focusing on user experience, the system is ideal for their wealth of resources, which caters to a variety of subjects and wide range of grade levels.

Core Knowledge: Download Curriculum

The Core Knowledge Foundation provides additional teaching materials and resources for purchase. We created a robust store that lets visitors filter products by subject, grade and type of product and ask questions about specific products before adding them to their cart and checking out. The store also includes the ability to apply coupon codes to orders, allowing Core Knowledge to better promote their products and reward active members of their community.

Core Knowledge: Store

Since Core Knowledge gives away the majority of their resources for free, we created a donate page to inspire their community members to give back and spread the knowledge. The custom form allows donors to make a one-time or monthly contribution to support Core Knowledge directly on the site.

Core Knowledge Donation Page

Visit the Core Knowledge Foundation website to learn more about their approach, check out their resources and see the difference they can make in a young student’s life.

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