As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic moves around the globe and across communities, nonprofit organizations are tasked with ensuring safe operations while still carrying out their missions—and, in many cases, increasing their workload.

If you’re looking for the latest advice, we’re collecting resources and links to help charities in their responses, including information about human resource management, fundraising, communications, event planning and more.

Official Guidelines | Operations & HR | Marketing & Communications | Event Management | Fundraising & Funders | Nonprofit Tools | Nonprofits in the News | State & Regional Resources

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Official Guidelines

For the latest updates, guidelines and restrictions related to coronavirus (COVID-19), be sure to check with official sources. In addition to informing your organization’s activities and staff health, there are a number of resources, visuals and advice you can pass along to your constituents.

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Nonprofit Operations & HR

A growing pandemic has far-reaching implications for how you run your organization, no matter your size, budget or mission. From human resources (HR) planning and virtual work life, to governance and volunteer management, here are the latest resources for operations.

Leadership & Partnerships

Volunteers & Organizing

Working & Meeting Remotely

Marketing & Communications

Wondering how to craft the right kind of messaging for your nonprofit’s audiences? Or how your regular marketing and communications need to change? Learn more about effective crisis communications, sharing effective content, and how to prepare your team.

Examples of Real Responses

It’s always nice to have some examples to work from, so we’re sourced some recent announcements from organizations who are responding to coronavirus concerns.

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Event Management

Some of the most common questions we’re seeing from clients right now have to do with upcoming events and whether or not gatherings should be canceled or adjusted. As events, galas, festivals and conferences around the world are impacted, get tips and advice for how your nonprofit should respond.

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Fundraising & Funders

Raising money for your nonprofit during COVID-19 poses lots of challenges—and questions about the right way to do things. In addition to getting advice from fundraising experts, these resources include information on how foundations are responding to increasing demands for services.

Fundraising Strategy

Funders & Grantmaking

Appeals & Donor Comms

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Access to Tech Tools & Learning Opportunities

As many industries shift to remote work and events, a number of technology companies are offering free or discounted licenses, especially to nonprofit organizations. Other tech, like Google for Nonprofits, is widely available anytime and could be a good fit for your communications and internal collaboration. And, finally, it’s a good time to find free virtual learning opportunities for nonprofit professionals.

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Nonprofits in the News

A wide variety of publications are covering the impact of coronavirus on nonprofits as well as how nonprofits are responding in their communities. These articles offer compelling insights into the situation to share with your colleagues and might even offer inspiration for coverage that your organization could pursue.

State & Regional Resources

For resources and information that are more tailored to your location and local regulations, be sure to  look to state/provincial and regional associations. Many are already offering crucial updates and guidance, including the following websites.

A rapidly changing situation is difficult for any organization to manage. And the amount of information out there is overwhelming! As you help your nonprofit and constituents respond to coronavirus (COVID-19) for the foreseeable future, we hope it provides you with a little bit of comfort to know that there are lots of folks out there ready to assist and provide critical resources.

If you have a resource to add to this page, please comment below with the link. We appreciate your help keeping this list up to date.


  1. Here are a few more arts related ones to consider:

    Arts Administrators of Color Response to COVID-19 –
    Association of Performing Arts Professionals Emergency Preparedness and Response –
    Grantmakers in the Arts COVID-19 and arts Funding –
    Ways of Gathering in the Age of COVID-19 –

    • Thanks, JR! We appreciate your expertise and insights in this area.

  2. wow!! i am really overwhelmed with this article. Must say corona virus is effecting us in many ways. You did a great research on it, I would like to thank for the efforts you have made in writing this post. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • I’m glad it’s helpful, Fiona. The amount of information out there is certainly overwhelming! Wishing you the best during these trying times.

  3. We’ve recently compiled A Guide to Remote Working for Nonprofits as well as a post on How to Create a Crisis Communications Plan for Your Nonprofit (since I know a lot of people are feeling overwhelmed with the communications needs right now) if either of those would be appropriate for this list 🙂

    • Hi Tatiana – Thank you to everyone at Wild Apricot for creating such helpful content during this time. I’ll get the resources added to the post this week.

    • Thanks for sharing this valuable resource, Bella. I’ll get it added to the post this week!

    • Hi Kelly – I appreciate you sharing the link with us. I’ll get it added to the post this week!

    • Hi Alec – This is fantastic. Thanks for putting it on my radar. I’ll get it added to the post this week.

  4. Hello,

    We’re curating a global virtual conference in partnership with charity sector leaders, training providers and fundraising experts to support the sector through COVID-19

    It’s free to attend and available online for as long as it’s needed. We’ll be going live on April 2nd and attendees can join us online to engage and interact.

    • Thanks for the link, Nikki! When you say it’s available online for as long as it’s needed, does that mean you’ll be posting recordings of each speaker after the fact, even for folks who don’t register?

    • Thanks, Ronald! I’ll get it added to the post in the next update.

    • Thanks, Jane! I’ll add your resource to the post when I do the next update.