5 Awesome Websites to Find Free Desktop Wallpapers

Mario Wallpaper

Like most people who work in technology I sit at my computer a lot.  So much so that I really care about the desktop wallpaper on my computer screen.  If you’re also a fan of sensational scenes, marvelous mammals, or some really dandy free desktop wallpapers then read on.  Here are five awesome websites to find free desktop backgrounds.

1. InterfaceLift – Desktop Wallpapers for Any Resolution

New York Wallpaper

In my opinion, InterfaceLift is the grand daddy of desktop wallpaper providers.  They have an amazing selection and allow you to sort by rating, download amount, and the resolution for your screen.  They even provide a description of the wallpaper that often tells you where the picture was taken.

2. Smashing Magazine – Calendar Wallpapers

Winter Fun Wallpaper

Smashing Magazine is actually a website devoted to providing information for web designers and developers, but every month they come out with their selection of desktop wallpaper calendars.  Each designer or photographer incorporates a calendar for the month into their wallpaper providing you a quick place to check dates and also providing an excuse to change your desktop background every month.

3. eWallpapers – Wide Variety

Facebook Wallpaper

I’m a fan of eWallpapers because they make it easy to choose wallpapers based on category.  On their website I was able to choose the category “Computers” and the subcategory “Internet” to find exactly what I was looking for.  If you’re looking for a specific person, animal, car, or other specific item this is probably the right place to be.

4. JoBlo.com – Movie Desktop Wallpapers

Toy Story 3 Wallpaper

For those movie buffs, JoBlo.com provides a ton of great movie wallpapers.  You can find a movie based on the name or check their “What’s Hot” section.  Other than the occasional missing background they have a good selection, especially for newer movies.

5. Flickr Wallpapers – Photography Desktop Wallpapers

Apple Wallpaper

Flickr’s wallpaper collection is neat because most pictures seem to be taken by real everyday people.  It’s a grab bag and there isn’t any way to sort, but there are a lot of options and there is always something to be said about having a background that’s original.

Now that I’ve taken you through my list, do you have any great wallpaper websites worth sharing?  Also feel free to send us links to some great wallpapers in the comments.

*For those of you wondering how to use Mario as your background, the image is actually a background I found in an article by Smashing Magazine about beautiful iPhone wallpapers.

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Images courtesy of Flickr’s Rohan L, Smashing Magazine, Flickr’s fritzjaspers, eWallpapers, InterfaceLift, and JoBlo.com