Measuring “Website Success” for Big Time Impact

Measure Nonprofit Website Success

The whole point of making a website is for it to help your organization in some tangible way.  Whether that’s connecting with volunteers, boosting fundraising or educating your community, your website should help you do more good.

But without website measurement there’s no way to know if your website is actually helping your organization serve your community.

We were just fortunate enough to present at the 2013 Spectrum Conference put on by the Community Service Public Relations Council on this very topic.  Hope you find it helpful.

Here’s the broad overview of what you’ll find in the slide deck below:

The Importance of Website Measurement

Starts at slide 4

We discuss the reasons website measurement is so fundamentally important and provide a few tips on making your data more meaningful to your organization.

Defining “Website Success”

Starts at slide 7

We highlight a step-by-step process to identify concrete website goals and distinguish between Success and Supporting Metrics.

Best Practices for Configuring Analytics

Starts at slide 21

We walk through some important things to remember when installing and configuring your analytics tool on your website.

Google Analytics Features That Matter

Starts at slide 33

We briefly highlight some incredible features within Google Analytics that are worth investigating to draw more meaningful conclusions from your website data.

We know that’s a ton to cover, so if you have any questions please feel free to reach out.  Or post your questions and comments below.  We’d love to hear from you.

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Image courtesy of Scott Akerman, Flickr