MeetWays: Find a Good Spot to Meet Between Two Addresses

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Whenever I’m trying to figure out where to meet a friend, I’m always worried about picking a spot that is truly in the middle.  It always seems that I know the points of interest in my neighborhood, but have no idea what kinds of places are equidistant for both of us to travel.  Finally there is an online service to ease my troubled mind.

Well, maybe easing my troubled mind is a bit overstated, but MeetWays is nonetheless a great resource when trying to figure out a good spot to meet up with someone.

What is MeetWays?

The concept behind MeetWays is really simple.  All you do is put in two addresses and the type of spot you’re looking for.  MeetWays gives you not only the point that is exactly halfway between the two addresses, but also points of interest that meet the criteria that you specified.

For instance, let’s say I’m coming from St. Louis and want to meet a friend from Chicago for pizza.  All I have to do is put both cities into MeetWays and specify that I am looking for pizza.  When the results come back, I not only know that McClean, IL is the middle point between the two cities, but also there are a bunch of pizza options right around McClean.


Get Reviews for Restaurants

Another excellent feature is that MeetWay integrates with Yelp to deliver reviews for each of the points of interest that you find.  If the business has been reviewed on Yelp, you can easily access these reviews just by clicking the “Reviews” button within each listing.  Not only can you find a spot in the middle, but you can also see what other people have said about the spot before making your decision.

Get Directions to Each Spot

Once you’ve selected a spot, you can easily get directions from both of your starting points with one simple click.  All you have to do is within the listing that you have chosen, click “Directions From: Point A” or “Point B.”

Also, if you are feeling particularly nice, you can get the directions for your friend as well and email them the directions by clicking “Send This Map to a Friend.”

Whether you are wondering where the midpoint between two places is or trying to coordinate a meeting with another person, MeetWays is a great website to spend some time exploring.

Have you ever used MeetWays?  Did you find it useful?  Check it out and let us know what you think.