The National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias Website Launches

nfed home

We’re excited to announce the launch of the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias website!

The National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias (NFED) empowers and connects those affected by ectodermal dysplasias, a classification which encompasses more than 180 rare genetic disorders involving defects with the hair, sweat glands, nails and teeth. With open arms, NFED welcomes all those affected and works to make their lives easier through education, support and research.

nfed responsive mockup

We created a responsive website with a bright and hope-filled homepage that welcomes visitors with all the warm and happy family feelings that the NFED family gives to its community.

nfed homepage

With education as a pillar of their organization, NFED has an incredible amount of helpful articles, guides, toolkits and webinars. To share NFED’s educational resources with their community and the world at large, we created a library where visitors can view all of NFED’s educational resources in an aggregated list and then filter that list by topic to find what they’re looking for. Simply provide a name and an email address, and the resource is yours to download and use.

nfed library

To drive donations, we created an inspirational donation page where visitors can support NFED directly on the site. By listing out specific monetary amounts, visitors can see how their donation will directly help a child or family affected by ectodermal dysplasia. The custom form allows you to make a single donation or sign up for a monthly contribution, as well as specify which program to help.

nfed donate

To bring the NFED family together, the organization puts on a variety of events throughout the year. We built an event system to make organizing and the RSVP process easy as pie. Visitors can see event details, register and pay directly on the site.

nfed attend an event

To help raise awareness for their cause, NFED also sells branded merchandise. We created a store where visitors can purchase the t-shirts, children’s books and decals directly on the site.

nfed store

Visit the NFED website to learn more about ectodermal dysplasias and how NFED is connecting and empowering  those affected by them.

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