5 Nonprofit Social Media Mavens

Nonprofit social media

To be successful at social media, every organization needs to meet three fundamental criteria. They need to actively engage people, share consistently and provide quality content.

Success isn’t defined by the number of Twitter followers your nonprofit has, or the number of likes your most recent Instagram post gets. It’s seeing tangible benefits from your presence in the social sphere. It’s seeing an increase in support because of your efforts on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Every nonprofit social media marketer should be laser-focused on driving people to seek out a deeper level of engagement with their organization. That’s the whole reason you’re on social media. Being active and sharing compelling content regularly definitely lays the groundwork for success, but it takes that something extra to really see tangible benefits from your presence in the social sphere.

We’ve compiled a list of nonprofits rocking at social media right now. They’ve got that “something extra” going on. Their cause may not be identical to yours, but you can definitely apply the takeaways of what they’re doing right to your nonprofit’s social media strategy.

Mission of Hope Haiti

Their level of commitment in serving the people of Haiti is crystal clear when looking through their social media accounts. Every day—and sometimes multiple times a day—Mission of Hope Haiti shares photos of the children in their schools, stories from their volunteers and notes on their progress.

The frequent updates show not only are they invested in their cause and actively working to make a difference, but they’re committed to sharing their progress with current and potential supporters. They’re making sure everyone who is interested in their work feels like a part of their story.

Nonprofit Social Media Mission of Hope Haiti

Lesson: Daily updates on social media are an awesome idea—if you have content to share. Allowing people to follow your progress and see what you’re up to does a lot to build up their confidence in your organization. It also reinforces existing supporters’ decision to support you. If daily isn’t doable for you organization, aim for frequent and consistent. Quality trumps quantity every time, but you do need to keep supporters and potential supporters in the loop.

Want to browse their daily updates a little more? Check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (Their Insta account is my personal favorite.)

Team Rubicon

Within seconds of checking out any of Team Rubicon’s social profiles, you know who they are. And, not just in a “what they do” way. The organization’s personality shines through in every piece of content they share. And, it works.

Team Rubicon Nonprofit Social Media

Lesson: You know your nonprofit’s personality. Stay true to it on social media. More than that though, you need to own it. Your nonprofit’s personality should dictate what you share and how you share it. Let supporters and potential supporters feel like they’re getting to know your organization and your culture.

Care to explore a bit more? Their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts are pretty great.

The Girl Effect

The Girl Effect is a master at enticing people to engage with them on social media. They bring information to their followers that they might have otherwise missed, and use it to spark conversation. They’re not shy when it comes to social commentary. They’re vocal with their opinions and this encourages their followers to do the same.

Nonprofit Social Media Girl Effect

Lesson: Lead by example. If you want your supporters to engage with you or get vocal about your cause, well, you need to engage people and get vocal about your cause.

Want to see a few more examples? Their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts are bursting at the seams with ideas.

charity: water

It’s impossible not to include these guys. Charity: water seriously knows what they’re doing. They’re all about clean drinking water, so naturally, everything they share with the social sphere focuses on water. But, it never gets old.

The majority of their content is heavy on the visuals. Their clean drinking water photos have a distinct look to them, and it’s one that really connects with people. They use this to their advantage on social media.

Nonprofit Social Media Charity Water

Lesson: 63% of social content is visual. Your visual content needs to stand out and make an impression. Images have the power to evoke strong reactions from people, which is a great starting point for getting someone interested in your organization. What aspects of your nonprofit’s work would connect with people visually? Start sharing more of those moments, acts, people and places on social media.

Looking to get lost in a sea of beautiful photography? You’ll want to check out their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.


The Museum of Modern Art is incredibly cool and obviously a highly visual organization, which probably makes social media pretty easy. But, they’re doing something you can apply to your organization, no matter your cause. Everything they post is interesting. By teasing unique stories, sharing images from inside the museum and engaging people with interactive content, they’re feeding people’s interest in their organization.

Nonprofit Social Media MOMA

Lesson: Maybe this is a little blunt, but…be interesting. Get creative. Pique people’s interest with your social content. You want to leave them wanting more. This “wanting more” feeling will drive them to visit your website, poke around for a bit and potentially engage with you, which is the entire goal of your social media efforts.

Need a bit more inspiration? Their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr accounts are the perfect place to look for it.

Hopefully, these nonprofits inspired you to try some new tactics with your own efforts on social media. The list of rules is short and the creative possibility is huge in the social sphere. Spend time developing your presence, make it a priority and have fun. These nonprofits definitely are.

Know of a nonprofit rocking social media that should be on our list? Have any social media tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.