Oral Histories Project Launches for the St. Louis Holocaust Museum

Oral Histories Project

As part of our long-time relationship with the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, we’re excited to unveil a recent collaboration with their Holocaust Museum & Learning Center.

Thanks to the tireless efforts and support of Vida “Sister” Goldman Prince, the Museum has launched Voices of Remembrance – The Oral Histories Project. This digital collection houses more than 140 stories of Holocaust survivors, liberators and witnesses—many with ties to St. Louis—making it a resource of local, national and international impact.

The Wired Impact team designed and developed the online library, ensuring that every story could be told with the richness, detail and emotion it deserves.

HMLC Oral Histories Collection

In consultation with the Museum and Sister Prince, we carefully entered each person’s history, weaving together interview recordings, photo galleries, transcripts and more while ensuring that the public can easily explore the collection. Visitors can filter stories by country, location and experience during the Holocaust, as well as search the site.

Oral Histories Filtering

Our team is also proud of the interactive map found within each oral history. The geographical timeline gives people a chance to virtually travel in the shoes of others and connect with their stories over time and space.

Jewish Oral History Timeline Map

Access the Oral Histories Project on the Museum’s website. And, if you’re in the St. Louis area, be sure to plan a visit to help preserve the legacy and lessons of the Holocaust.

In the words of Sister Prince:

Saving these interviews allows these precious voices and their memories to bear witness to cruelties impossible to believe. These tapes will be preserved so that students, scholars and other interested individuals can listen, learn, research, write about and teach others about the horror of the Holocaust. These voices are the heart and soul of all our efforts.