Repurpose Your Nonprofit’s Website Content (and Save Yourself Time)

Repurpose Nonprofit Content Save Time

When it comes to marketing your nonprofit online, there’s no shortage of avenues for you to explore.  And the list of potential marketing channels seems to be ever increasing.

But between keeping your website current, writing those weekly blog posts, scheduling your email newsletter and staying active on social media, it may feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

And that’s where the beauty of repurposing content shines through.

What is Repurposing Content?

When you repurpose your nonprofit’s content, you take content you’ve already produced and reuse it in another way.  We’re not talking about simply copying and pasting here.  Instead, thoughtfully repackage your content and deliver it differently than you did before.

Producing content takes a lot time.  Repurposing content allows you to get multiple uses out of the content you create.

A Few Ways You Can Repurpose Your Website Content

While you’ll need to repurpose content in a way that makes sense to your nonprofit, here are a few examples to get you started.

Share Links to Your Blog in Your Email Newsletter

Many nonprofits write lengthy email newsletters.  Not only are they often too long for subscribers to read, but they also take a lot of time to create.

Instead, repurpose the content from your nonprofit’s blog.  Pick a post or two to highlight in your newsletter.  In your email, share the headline and a one or two sentence teaser.  Include a link for visitors to read more.

You’ve already created great blog content.  Now use your email newsletter to push viewers to it.

Borrow Copy from Your Website and Share It via Social Media

You likely have a lot of copy on your website that, if broken up, can lend itself to sharing on social media.

Maybe you have a page with statistics about difficulties facing the community you serve.  Or details on what various donation amounts can buy.  Perhaps it’s a page on the impact of your nonprofit, including concrete stats showcasing improvements.

Whatever your content, think about breaking it up and sharing it on social media.  Share one statistic at a time with your followers.  Intersperse these updates with the others you regularly share via social media.

Doing so can save you time while providing valuable information to your followers.

Share Links to Your Web Pages via Social Media

Many nonprofits share links to their blog posts on social media.  But what about all those informative pages throughout your nonprofit’s website?  You know, the pages outlining your work, detailing the challenges you face, showcasing the impact you’ve made and providing valuable resources.

Share links to these pages on a regular basis via social media.  You took the time to write strong web copy.  Make sure people know it exists.

Creating content is time consuming.  But it’s a great way to establish your authority, inspire your visitors and distribute valuable information to your community.  Thoughtfully repurposing content you’ve already created will give you a bit more time to tackle all those other tasks on your plate.

How do you repurpose content?  Do you have any other ways for nonprofits to repurpose content?  Let us hear it in the comments below.

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