What is Delicious? What is Social Bookmarking?

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I recently met a man that hated his web browser.  It was slow.  Pages failed to load.  As you can imagine this made doing anything on the internet pretty frustrating.  But he refused to switch to a new browser.  Why?  He didn’t want to lose his bookmarks.

I really can’t blame him.  I rarely type in the web address for my favorite sites.  I click my shortcut and the site pops right up.  Bookmarks save me incredible amounts of time throughout the day.  While he could have saved all of his bookmarks to his computer and then loaded them into a new browser, some people find this process to be a bit intimidating.  But, social bookmarking is changing the way that people approach bookmarks altogether.  Social bookmarking lets you not only take your bookmarks with you between browsers and even between computers, but it also allows you to do a lot of other pretty cool stuff.

Delicious: Bookmarking on Steroids

Delicious is like a normal bookmark that decided to take steroids and is now hitting 85 home runs a year.  Not a baseball fan?  Allow me to rephrase.  Delicious is everything you get with your normal everyday bookmarks but with a lot more power.

Save a Web Page

Just like a normal bookmark, Delicious allows you to save the address of a web page so that you can later find it with one click of your mouse.

Add Tags

A tag is one word that describes the site that you are bookmarking.  They basically act like folders in that you can click on one tag and see all of the sites you have saved that have that tag.  But you can add multiple tags to each site based on what categories it fits into.  As long as you take a little bit of time to add meaningful tags when you add a new bookmark, it will make it far easier to find a site that you are looking for later.

Find Sites Based on a Tag

Another cool feature that contributes to the “social” nature of social bookmarking is that you can find sites that other people have tagged.  If I am interested in websites about education, I can go to the Popular section and type in “education”.  I will get the most popular websites tagged with “education” by other Delicious users.  You can also subscribe to individual tags so that you can see whenever a new popular site that you might care about is getting hits by other users.  If I subscribe to “photography” I can easily browse all of the recent popular bookmarks that have been tagged with “photography.”  It makes finding new sites that other people consider to be interesting very easy.

Take Your Bookmarks With You

Unlike traditional bookmarks that are saved on your computer, your Delicious bookmarks are saved online.  This means that no matter what computer you are on you can go to the Delicious website, log in and access your favorite bookmarks.

Build a Network, Share Your Bookmarks

Delicious also lets you connect with your friends.  You can create a network and see what bookmarks people in your network find interesting.

Install it Right into Your Browser

When you set up your Delicious account, it gives you the option to immediately install Delicious into your browser.  That way, while you are browsing, you can click one button and immediately bookmark the page you are viewing.

For those of you that already use bookmarks, consider heading over to Delicious for at least a look.  It may become one of those things that you can’t remember living without.

Do you use Delicious or another social bookmarking site?  Are you happy with it?