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Custom Nonprofit Services

Your nonprofit is different than other organizations out there.
Your marketing should be different too.

If our nonprofit-specific website platform doesn’t offer the features and customization you need, we offer custom nonprofit web design services as well. Our team also provides ongoing marketing support to clients that are looking to make the most out of their online presence by boosting traffic and driving visitors to act.

Marketing Means More Than Just a Website

We believe your marketing should be a whole lot more than just a pretty website. Just because you build a new website doesn’t mean it’ll deliver results. Your site is key, but it’s just one piece of the larger marketing puzzle.

When all of your online marketing is working together, that’s when you’re likely to see results that drive your organization’s goals forward.

What We Offer

We offer two different approaches when it comes to working with nonprofits on highly-customized marketing.

Custom Nonprofit Website Design

Results-Driven Custom Nonprofit Web Design

Your new website should be driven by results. Knowing the outcomes you’re looking to achieve provides a crucial mindset that should inform all of your decisions throughout the web design process.

If you’re looking to build a totally custom website tailored specifically to your nonprofit, we’d love to talk to you about the ways it’s going to help you do more good in the community you serve.

Custom Nonprofit Web Design


Ongoing Marketing for Nonprofits

Ongoing Marketing for Nonprofits

Looking for a partner to handle a variety of marketing-related tasks for your nonprofit? That’s exactly why we created our ongoing marketing engagements. In this approach, everything centers around one key goal:

Leveraging your web presence to meet your organizational goals

We believe your marketing shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. It should be intimately tied to your goals as an organization and the good you’re doing in your community. In our minds, if your marketing isn’t enabling you to help more people, it simply isn’t working well enough.

Ongoing Marketing for Nonprofits

Working With Us

We know there are a lot of excellent partners you could work with on your marketing. But here are a few reasons you might like working with us:

Tailored to Your Nonprofit

We tailor the scope of our relationship to your nonprofit and the goals you’re hoping to achieve. If you’re investing time and money in your nonprofit’s marketing, we think it should specifically address your needs.

A Focus on Nonprofits

We only work with nonprofits.

We spend all day, every day thinking about the best ways to incorporate a donate button into a website or how to turn website visitors into volunteers. We know that nonprofits can register with PayPal for a 2.2% discounted fee instead of paying the standard rate of 2.9%. And we’ve looked over hundreds of Our Impact pages to find ones that we think do a great job of showcasing results.

Simply put, we love this stuff. And we think that love shines through in the work we deliver.

Your Feedback Throughout the Relationship

We ask for your feedback throughout the entire process, from content to design to programming. By the time your website launches, you’ll already know exactly what’s going live for the world to see.

We also schedule weekly or monthly calls with all of our ongoing marketing clients to make sure we’re spending our time in ways that help you do your job more effectively. We want to be more than a vendor. We want to be an extension of your marketing department and a valued part of your team.

A Bit Obsessed With Website Data

We love data. We think your data paints the clearest picture of how your marketing is helping your nonprofit and where it can be improved. We prefer to use data instead of hunches to drive our decision making.

How We Price Projects

We price most of our custom design and marketing projects upfront, prior to ever starting work. You don’t want to be surprised at the end of a project by the final price. And we don’t want to be the ones surprising you.

The same goes for our template-based website platform, which is offered at a consistent and affordable monthly rate to help lower your upfront costs.

For more on pricing, check out our Ongoing Marketing for Nonprofits and Custom Nonprofit Web Design pages.

Interested in Hearing More?

We’d love to talk about what a potential collaboration could look like for your nonprofit.

Get a Custom Proposal

If you have any questions or want more information, please reach out to us or give us a call at (314) 392-0196. We’re always happy to answer questions and, if we’re not the right fit, hopefully we can at least point you in the right direction.