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We’ve written about nonprofits and technology for a variety of places, including:

We know you have a ton of options when it comes to choosing a partner for your online marketing. So many, in fact, that choosing the right one can be a pretty daunting task.

While we’re not the perfect fit for every nonprofit out there, here are a few things we believe in that may make us a good fit for yours:

A Nonprofit Focus

We focus on nonprofits. We write about how nonprofits can use the web and build plugins specifically for nonprofits.

We spend our time thinking about nonprofits and technology. If you’re looking for someone used to thinking about the nuances of marketing in the nonprofit space, we may be a good fit.

Your Website Should Help You Do More Good

Sure, your website needs to look good. But it should also allow your nonprofit to do more good. It needs to have a meaningful impact on your organization, such as:

  • Boosting fundraisingby inspiring website visitors to become donors and helping you maintain relationships with past donors
  • Increasing volunteerismby connecting you with new volunteers and easing the process of managing volunteer events
  • Driving membershipby showcasing the benefits of becoming a member and making it easy for visitors to register
  • Serving your communityby sharing educational content or offering tools your community members rely on

Use Data to Make Improvements

There’s no way to know if your marketing is truly helping you unless you rely on measurement. That’s why we use data on an ongoing basis after we launch a new website. It shows us what’s working well and what can be further improved. And it ensures your marketing is helping your nonprofit in tangible ways.

A Project Based on Your Nonprofit

We’ve never come across two nonprofits that had the exact same needs. That’s why we tailor the scope of each project to fit your situation.

Let us know what you’re looking for. And we’ll let you know what we think will be most beneficial to your organization.

You’re Not Locked In

We don’t believe in locking our clients into working with us by using proprietary software or long-term contracts. We look to build relationships with organizations that want to work with us, not ones that feel stuck doing so.

We’ll build your website on the WordPress open source content management system. That means you’ll be able to run your own site and make updates to content yourself if you’d like to. But of course we’re always happy to help out.

Some of Our Work

Here’s a bit of our work. Have questions or want to see more? Just let us know.

Wired Impact Work

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We can say we’re good at anything. But here’s what some of our clients have to say:

In addition to delivering everything on time and on budget, they found innovative ways to improve the site we hadn’t found ourselves.Max Slavkin, Partner
Big New Ideas

Wired Impact really cared about getting to know us, our stories, and our mission, and were very accessible throughout the whole process.Maria Langston, Executive Director
Children’s Miracle Network of Greater St. Louis

Their focus on social entrepreneurs and nonprofits is demonstrated in every piece of advice they give and every site they build.Chris Miller, Chief Executive Officer
The Mission Center, L3C

Wired Impact made the process of building a website actually fun and enjoyable.Christan Perona, Director of Admissions
Central Christian School