Website Structure

Structure #1 – Simple and Classic

This structure works well for:

  • Simpler nonprofits that don’t need a lot of complexity
  • Organizations with just a few key programs or services
  • Nonprofits that are experimenting with what programs or services they offer (and may be adding or removing programs regularly for the foreseeable future)
  • Newer nonprofits that are still building out multiple ways for supporters to get involved (like volunteering or attending events)


Simple and Classic Website Structure for Nonprofits

When using this structure, be sure to:

  • Avoid Dumping in Programs – Do your best to avoid overcrowding the “Our Programs” portion of the site. If you have more than five or so programs, it may be time to consider Structure #2 (Driven by Programs) or Structure #3 (Programs by Life Stage).
  • Ensure Clear Program Page Names – Make sure your program page names are really clear to visitors unfamiliar with your programs. If the name of a program isn’t clear, it may be better to use a descriptive page title and save the full name of the individual program for content within the page.