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Core Knowledge on Mobile Devices

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Core Knowledge: Store

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Core Knowledge: Blog

The Core Knowledge Foundation works toward excellence and equity in education for all students. They developed an academic sequence, as well as supporting curriculum and teaching materials, to build knowledge on top of previous knowledge and set students up for success, both academically and later in life. Motivated above all else to share knowledge, they give away many of these resources for free.

Visitors to the website will have a wealth of materials right at their fingertips. There’s a lot of opportunity to get started with Core Knowledge and enhance your teaching practice using the site, including downloading teaching materials, purchasing supplementary products from the store, finding Core Knowledge schools near you, downloading implementation tools, taking advantage of professional development resources, contacting Core Knowledge with questions and signing up for their newsletter.

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Website Features

The Core Knowledge Foundation website has several features, including:

  • A responsive design that adjusts to fit tablets and mobile devices
  • A filterable library of educational resources that allows visitors to sort resources by subject and grade level and submit a short form to download them
  • A store that allows visitors to filter products, view them on individual pages, add multiple items to a cart and check out directly on the site
  • The ability for visitors to easily sign up for their newsletter
  • A blog to share news and stories of impact
  • Website search to make it easy to find information
  • Social media links that make it easy for visitors to connect and share content


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