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Public Health Solutions is working to improve health outcomes in New York City’s most vulnerable populations. They provide healthcare services directly to those communities lacking access to quality care, educate New Yorkers to prevent future health emergencies and support community-based health organizations with similar missions to create a healthier New York.

Visitors to the website have access to information about key services, programs and research, and they can learn about ways to partner with the organization, read inspirational community stories and contact the organization with questions.

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Our Role

Site structure development, SEO research, website design and development using WordPress

Website Features

The Public Health Solutions website has several features, including:

  • A responsive design that adjusts to fit tablets and mobile devices
  • The ability for visitors to easily sign up for their newsletter
  • A blog to share news and stories of impact
  • Ability to showcase community stories on an Our Impact page
  • Website search to make it easy to find information
  • Ability to accept one-time and recurring donations directly on the website
  • Social media links that make it easy for visitors to connect and share content

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