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Video Player allows alums to answer questions posed by current and potential students

RISD Connect Website Video Player

Form for alums to submit their stories in written form

RISD Connect Website Forms

The RISD Career Center was looking for a way to connect current students with alumni. They came up with the idea of posting questions and asking RISD alums to weigh in.

They wanted the platform to be as personal as possible, so we ultimately decided to allow alumni to submit videos answering the posed questions. This would allow visitors to feel a sense of connection to the alumni community.

Our Role

Usability and design feedback, development using Drupal

Website Features

The RISD Connect website has a bunch of neat features, including:

  • The ability for alumni to record videos that are automatically uploaded to the website for RISD staff to approve
  • The ability for RISD staff to change the questions on the website
  • A system allowing visitors to submit questions they’d like answered
  • The ability for visitors to filter responses by question, the major of an alum, as well as the field the alum is currently working within
  • An individual profile for each respondent, including the ability to visit an alum’s website or send them an email
  • A voting system to allow visitors to up-vote helpful or insightful videos
  • The ability for visitors to share responses to the social media channels of their choice


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