St. Louis Arc

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St. Louis Arc website on mobile devices

St. Louis Arc: On Mobile Devices

Interactive Homepage Features

St. Louis Arc: Interactive Homepage Features

Program page that highlights services by age range with custom icons

St. Louis Arc: Programs

Our Impact page combines impressive statistics and heartwarming stories

St. Louis Arc: Our Impact

Encouraging visitors to take action with a Get Involved page

St. Louis Arc: Get Involved

The St. Louis Arc blog

Making donations on the website

St. Louis Arc: Donate

St. Louis Arc empowers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families to lead better lives by providing a lifetime of support. They’ve been actively promoting an inclusive world for all people since 1950, and over time, their services have grown to include support groups, therapies, recreation, residential programs and more.

Website visitors will find resources that meet their personal and family needs for each stage of life, information about how to get involved and advocate, and inspirational stories of real people and real impact.

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Website Features

The St. Louis Arc website has several features, including:

  • A responsive design that adjusts to fit tablets and mobile devices
  • Event promotion with the ability to accept online reservations
  • The ability for potential volunteers to view opportunities and submit a form
  • The ability to organize secure information and upcoming events for board members through our Nonprofit Board Management Plugin
  • A blog to share news, stories of impact and helpful resources with the community
  • Ability for visitors to easily connect through links to social media accounts
  • Ability for visitors to get in touch through a contact form emailed to a specified address



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