Event Attendance Tracking Extension

Easily track attendance for all your board events in one place.

This is an extension for the Nonprofit Board Management plugin for WordPress.

Key Benefits

Increased Accountability » Better Attendance

By showing each board member’s past attendance, each member of your board will be accountable for showing up when they’re expected to.

Increased Access to Data » More Informed Board Members

By allowing your board members to see their own past attendance, they’ll be more able to judge if they’re pulling their weight and following through.


Event Attendance Overview

Attendance Overview

You can easily see the number and percentage of past events each board member has attended on one screen.

Individual Attendance Stats

Individual Attendance Summary

You can see the specific events that each board member attended and did not attend.

Event Attendance Summaries

Event Attendance Summaries

By visiting the details for an individual event, you can see a summary of the attendance for every member of your board.

Don’t Count if Not Invited

Don't Count Not Invited

You can easily mark a board member as “Not Invited,” meaning they weren’t expected to attend and shouldn’t be counted as absent.

Choose Who Tracks Attendance

Admin Access Only to Attendance

While all board members can RSVP, only designated administrators will have access to track attendance at past events.

One Year Premium Support

Premium Support

Receive an email response to any support request within one business day.

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What It Includes

1-Year License

A one year license for all support and upgrades.


Every time we release a new feature or a security fix you’ll be notified, directly within WordPress.

Premium Email Support

If you ever run into problems you can reach out to us through our support page. We’ll respond to you within one business day.

See It in Action

Want to see the Event Attendance Tracking Extension in action before deciding to add it?  That makes sense to us.  Here’s a glimpse of what to expect from the extension:

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