Creating a New Cause for Charity+

The Causes System is unique to the Charity+ theme and gives you a chance to highlight your nonprofit’s special fundraising campaigns on their own pages. In addition to showing how much a campaign has raised (and how close you are to reaching your goal), a Cause is a way to motivate your website visitors to take the next step.

To see Causes in action, check out the examples on our demo site. Depending on your site structure, your Causes could be listed in a Get Involved or Ways to Give section. Causes can also be listed on the homepage if you choose to enable that section.

Editing the Main Causes Page

Much like the event and volunteer management systems, all of your current causes will be listed automatically on the main Causes page, like this one. We encourage you to include a brief introduction at the top of this page to encourage your visitors to continue reading.

Adding/editing a Cause description

Each Cause that’s listed on this main page can be accompanied by a short description.

Cause Description Text

The descriptive text can be added or changed when you’re logged in to the back end of your site. Update the “Excerpt” section located in the sidebar of each individual Cause.

Cause excerpt

Where Do I Add a New Cause?

To create a new Cause, hover over the Causes section in the left-hand admin menu of your dashboard and select Add New.

Add a new cause

How Do I Customize a Cause?

The new Cause page will look very similar to a page or blog post on the back end. You can add and adjust your content in the same way that you would do when formatting a new page. This includes:

  • Adding a featured image, which is also pulled on to the main Causes page
  • Using blocks like buttons, columns or a progress bar
  • Using a sidebar or full-width template
  • Adding a meta description to help with visibility in search engines

For example, the progress bar in this example was generated using WordPress blocks. The percentage used must be updated manually over time. Read this article to learn how to implement and update a progress bar.

Special settings

The main way that a Cause is different from a post or page is that it includes a Cause Details section below the main editor window. This is where you can choose how and where people will donate as well as show how much as been raised so far.

Cause details

When your Cause is published, this section populates content in the following places:

Published cause details

Onsite or offsite donation options

You can choose to direct people to any page on your site to make a donation. If you want to send people to an external website to make a gift, such as a crowdfunding service, choose “An External Website” for the first option. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a new option to add a link to another website.

External website link

Updating the amount raised

The last section, Amount Raised, is a place where you can manually add the total amount of donations that have come in for a specific cause. It will not update automatically, so be sure to update this section manually throughout the campaign.

Choosing Standard or Video Format

There are two formats you’ll want to choose between for Causes, Standard or Video, which you’ll select in the sidebar on the back end of each cause.

Standard format

When you choose the Standard format, you’ll assign a Featured Image to represent your Cause. The photo will show up on the main Causes page (like the Help Sponsor example shown here) as well as on the page for the individual cause (shown here).

Cause featured image

Video format

When you choose the Video format, you can assign a video to your cause instead of a Featured Image. The video will show up on the main Causes page (like the Train Teachers example shown here) as well as on the page for the individual cause (shown here).

Once you select the Video format, you’ll see a new Video Link section appear in the back end of the Cause toward the bottom of the page. Add a link to a hosted video from YouTube or Vimeo.

While you can set a Featured Image for a Cause using the Video format, it will not show anywhere on the site.

Using Cause Categories

If you have a lot of causes on your website, you can group them into categories similar to how you’d categorize a blog post. For example, you might use categories to group causes by specific locations or issues.

Add a Cause to a category

You can assign a Cause to a category at any time in the back end of a Cause. Select an option in the Causes Categories section. You can also create a new category here if needed.

To adjust all of your Cause categories, hover over the Causes section in the left-hand sidebar of your dashboard and select Causes Categories. View existing categories, create new ones or delete categories as needed.

Create cause categories

Add a list of Cause categories

Display a list of your Causes Categories on specific pages by adjusting the widgets in your sidebar. Look for the Causes Categories widget to get started. When someone clicks on a category in the sidebar, they will be taken to a page that lists all Causes that have been assigned to that category.

Still Have Questions?

Reach out to us within your Dashboard. Log into your website and then fill out the Website Support form. You’ll hear back from one of Wired Impact’s team members within one business day.