Role at Wired Impact

Dan is a web developer at Wired Impact. He takes all of the website planning and makes it a reality, collaborating with our team to ensure nonprofit websites are dynamic and user-friendly.

He likes keeping up-to-date with new technologies and coding practices. On any given day, you’ll find Dan knee-deep in code with a big smile on his face.

Why He Loves This Work

Dan loves the critical thinking and problem solving that go along with web development. He prides himself in his ability to find the most efficient solution out there and loves that the solution itself is constantly changing and improving with technology.

Being able to use his problem-solving prowess to highlight the amazing work our nonprofit clients are doing and expand their web presence is the icing on the cake.

His Path to Nonprofit Web Work

Dan worked in web development and quality assurance, but always felt like he was missing something. There was a desire in the back of his mind to somehow be able to help people. He wanted to help make a difference in the world.

With Wired Impact, Dan gets to do both. He puts his technical skills to work for nonprofits trying to help people and change the world.

Outside of Work

Dan believes that everyone, no matter where they come from or what their backgrounds are, deserves the same opportunities. Because of this, causes that help give disadvantaged children the skills, mindset and supplies they need to succeed are close to his heart.

Dan loves his family time. He enjoys playing with his young sons and helping them learn those early life lessons. A huge Hawkeyes fan, Dan watches sports whenever he can. When the weather allows, you can also find him outside, fishing or camping.