Role at Wired Impact

Ruth is a virtual assistant at Wired Impact and keeps our team on track. Her talent for aligning business objectives with comprehensive administrative knowledge helps us improve internal processes, conserve time and boost efficiency. With a keen eye for detail, she develops and maintains administrative and procedural processes.

In simple terms she describes her role as ‘oiling the moving parts’ to ensure a workflow which enhances an exciting and collaborative work environment.

Why She Loves This Work

Her love for structure, organization and consistency keeps Ruth from shying away from mundane tasks. She’s dedicated to worthy causes and the needs of others. She enjoys creative problem solving and getting exposure on multiple projects in collaboration with a supportive team.

Her Path to Nonprofit Web Work

Ruth believes that it’s minor acts of service that make a positive difference in peoples’ lives and cumulatively impact the world positively. Previously, she’s worked with USAID-funded and EU-funded programs that have impacted the lives of people in communities throughout Kenya.

She holds organizations that empower people to rise from a ‘victim’ to ‘victor’ mentality close to her heart. 

Outside of Work

During her free time, Ruth enjoys cycling, watching non-fiction movies and baking her irresistible pumpkin and banana quick bread.