23 Blog Post Ideas for Why Your Nonprofit’s Work Matters

Nonprofits work matters

Your nonprofit is meeting a need. Your blog is an opportunity to highlight that need and how you’re addressing it. Inspire potential supporters by sharing stories, information, news and updates that demonstrate your impact. Let people know there’s a problem and you’re part of the solution. Visitors are much more likely to support a cause they know is making a difference.

Your work matters. Here are 23 ways you can blog about it.

Explain the Problem You’re Addressing

Understanding the reason for your work plays a big role in a potential supporter’s decision to take action. Here are a few posts you could write to make sure visitors are educated on your cause.

  1. Tell the story of someone facing difficulties in your community (but end by showing there’s hope)
  2. Share photos or videos from members of your community
  3. Talk about what would happen in your community if your nonprofit disappeared tomorrow (but again, wrap it up with hope)
  4. Run a pop quiz about your area of focus and take submissions via comments (don’t publish them until they’re all submitted – the first person with all the right answers wins a prize)
  5. Run a campaign through your blog such as “7 Days to Save the Environment” and post a new action each reader should take every day
  6. Outline what your work has taught you about your mission
  7. Explain an innovation you’ve made to your field of work
  8. Describe your process when addressing problems in your community
  9. Post news stories that highlight or explain the problem you’re addressing
  10. Share photos or videos recording the problems your organization is helping to solve

Highlight Your Nonprofit’s Impact

Sharing the impact you’ve already made helps establish your credibility with potential supporters. Consider using some of these ideas to let people know they’re helping an organization that is making a difference.

  1. Tell the story of how your organization has positively impacted an individual person’s life
  2. Showcase the completion of a project and discuss the journey to get there
  3. Post a photo-heavy showcase of your services being distributed to the community
  4. Post a photo-heavy showcase of the creative work those you serve have done such as art or photography
  5. Share the impact important organizational news will have on your nonprofit and community
  6. Illustrate the fulfillment of your mission through a story from your community
  7. Provide the history of a particular program and discuss what’s changed over the years
  8. If you’re a national office, link to stories of impact from your local branches
  9. Share statistical change in your community that your nonprofit contributed to
  10. Explain how your organization has changed as a whole to have the most impact on your community
  11. Share accolades other people have given your organization’s work and thank them for the recognition
  12. Discuss in detail some of the most important changes your nonprofit has made in your community
  13. Describe your 1, 5 and 10 year plans for improving your community

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