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The team at Wired Impact satisfied all of our requests on time and on budget, resulting in a site far superior in every way to our previous one. Additionally, they provided helpful information on related issues, and advised on the pros and cons of all of the decisions made along the way. See more testimonials

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More Than Just a Pretty Website

Nonprofit website design should mean more than building a slick online brochure. Our team works with each client to make sure you see tangible outcomes from your website:

Boosting Fundraising
Increasing Volunteerism
Driving Membership
Serving Your Community

From a Nonprofit Partner

Pro Bono Partnership found Wired Impact had the deep technical knowledge and expertise to advise us on the right tools, platforms, and options to accomplish our website goals. Thanks in large part to their nonprofit specialization, they were able to help guide us through an ambitious timeline and a complex content and functional process. We're thrilled with our new site and continue to hear positive feedback from our multiple constituencies! See more testimonials

Recent Nonprofit Projects

Learn more about our approach to nonprofit website design by digging into our portfolio of recent custom work. We’ve partnered with organizations of all sizes and across diverse missions, collaborating with each group to find solutions that meet their goals and the needs of their visitors.

Resources for Nonprofits

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When we talk about nonprofit storytelling in your marketing, we’re talking about using real stories about real people who were or are in need of something that your nonprofit can provide them. Stories pack emotion, and people act on causes that make them feel something. Using more stories in your nonprofit marketing will engage your…

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There’s nothing inherently wrong with the word “newsletter.” Unless that’s not really what you’re offering. Many organizations are selling themselves (and their content) short by hiding it behind a lackluster name that only vaguely describes its worth. Nonprofits can use their newsletter names to attract and engage subscribers by better demonstrating relevance and value.

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