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Creative Content That Works for Email Fundraising

Nonprofits are sending more emails than ever before, especially email newsletters. But does news content really raise revenue? As email fundraising continues to grow and play a big role (nearly 30%!) in all online fundraising, it’s time to look at what you’re sending.

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Ongoing Marketing Engagement

There’s a better approach to marketing than traditional methods that interrupt people to grab attention. And it’s called “inbound marketing.”

Nonprofit Web Design

Your nonprofit’s web design should not only look beautiful, but should also drive visitors to take meaningful action to support your cause.

Traffic Growth Engagement

Driving more of the “right people” to your site is the first step of the process in converting them from strangers to supporters.

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From our first meeting, the staff at Wired Impact was professional, organized, and prepared to work with us as a team.  Hearing our own vision, they helped us achieve it in a timely, efficient manner.  Their warmth and approachability resulted in excellent customer service skills, and I would strongly encourage colleagues and also friends to use their services.  Wired Impact made the process of building a website actually fun and enjoyable.

Christan Perona
Christan Perona, Director of Admissions
Central Christian School
Websites for Nonprofits

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Why Nonprofit Website Design?

Nonprofits have unique needs when it comes to using the web.

Sure, nonprofits need a website that looks great and is easy to use, but they also need to inspire website visitors to take action and support their cause. By focusing on nonprofits, we can study what works best in the world of nonprofit website design and help organizations use their websites to connect with supporters and do more good in the communities they serve. For more, check out our nonprofit web design page.

A passion for working with nonprofits.

Plus we just love working with nonprofits. We all have histories of working with nonprofits in various capacities prior to joining up at Wired Impact. If you want to know more, you can read a bit more about our team.

The need for better nonprofit website design.

In looking around the web, we saw a lot of nonprofits who could be getting a whole lot more out of their web presence. And it gets us really fired up to combine our passion for the nonprofit space with our love of web marketing to help organizations do more of the good stuff they’re already doing. For more, you can read about why we do this.

Driven by results.

In our minds, nonprofit website design and marketing is about a whole lot more than just making pretty sites. Sure, your nonprofit’s website has to look great. But it should also be driving towards your goals as an organization. That’s why we always start by discussing your nonprofit’s goals. If you’re interested, you can check out more about our approach to marketing and making websites for nonprofits.

Have other questions about nonprofit website design in general or our approach to marketing specifically? Feel free to give us a call at 314.801.1328 or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you.