Role at Wired Impact

David is Wired Impact’s strategy and measurement guy. He spends a good deal of his time developing marketing strategies aimed at turning casual visitors into active supporters.

David works with most of our nonprofit clients from the outset of a project. He loves discussing their overarching goals as an organization and figuring out ways their online marketing can help them achieve them. A firm believer that good marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum, David works with clients to uncover opportunities for their websites to help them do more good in their community.

He also spends a lot of his time sifting through data to determine what’s working well and what can be improved. One of his favorite parts of the job is discussing analytics with our nonprofit clients. This is where we can all see the tangible impacts our online marketing efforts are having and discuss opportunities to push those outcomes even further.

From time to time David also helps out with the content side of things, whether that’s writing content or determining how to drive people to a site through search engine optimization.

Why He Loves This Work

David knows there are few jobs that would allow him more of a chance to work with such a cross-section of amazing people doing incredible things to make the world a better place. No two nonprofits are the same, and he loves discovering each client’s unique strengths and challenges. The ability to amplify the great things nonprofits are accomplishing is a special thing, and David finds it tremendously satisfying to get to work with our clients to make a difference every day.

His Path to Nonprofit Web Work

David’s path to Wired Impact has been a bit roundabout. Throughout high school he was involved with a few St. Louis area nonprofits aimed at youth advocacy and social justice.

While in college at Washington University, he took a lot of photos and spent 6 months making a documentary on children in South Africa – an experience that left him a bit obsessed with the idea of using media to tell stories and connect people that may never meet face-to-face.

After graduating from Wash U and getting his master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College, he taught elementary school in Brooklyn, New York for a few years. He saw firsthand the difference a bit of hard work can make when it comes to leaving the world a little bit better than you found it. He loved teaching, and leaving his students was one of the toughest decisions he’s had to make, but ultimately he saw Wired Impact as a chance to exercise his passion for using technology to tell stories and enable more good to happen.

He partnered up with Jonathan in August of 2010 and helped to found Wired Impact in April of 2012.

Outside of Work

David supports a variety of causes, but the three closest to his heart are education, social justice and protecting the environment. He spends as much time as he can outside and is an active volunteer in the St. Louis area. In 2013, David was named 30 Under 30 by the St. Louis Business Journal.

When he’s not working, David loves reading, watching the St. Louis Cardinals and pretty much anything involving the great outdoors. He takes photos whenever he possibly can and once picked up a 7-10 split, but didn’t see it since he’d already turned his back to the pins.

Some of David’s Writing

From time to time David has a chance to do some writing about nonprofits and the web. Here is some of his work:

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