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Volunteer System

Growing your volunteer base? Your website can serve as the ultimate volunteer recruitment and management tool. Using our volunteer system, you’ll be able to quickly create and promote opportunities, accept applications and send reminder emails while managing the data in a central location. Keep track of your volunteers and keep them connected to your mission in the long term.

See the Volunteer System in Action

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Power Your Volunteer Program

To help nonprofits do more with their websites, we built our own volunteer system that makes it easy for supporters to sign themselves up for opportunities and easy for you to manage.

And while there are a lot of perks to using your website as a volunteer recruitment hub, our system is equally focused on giving you the ability to manage and build relationships with volunteers. Every volunteer who registers for an opportunity will have a profile and related data that you can use to communicate with them, keep track of their interests and history, and report on your program’s success.

Wired Impact’s classic and simple platform is user-friendly and appealing to website visitors. The integrations and forms facilitate engagement. My favorite is their volunteer management system! It’s just a click of a button to email all volunteers who have signed up for a particular opportunity.

– Lindsay Gray, VECINA

Volunteer System Features

  • Post unlimited one-time or flexible opportunities
  • Each volunteer opportunity has its own page and form
  • Volunteers can RSVP for opportunities
  • Add and format the description with text and multimedia
  • Easily promote opportunities in the sidebar throughout the site
  • Ability to cap the number of available spots
  • Unlimited volunteer profiles that track participation, hours, notes and contact information
  • Customizable volunteer communications, including the confirmation email at sign up, automated reminder emails or follow-up messages
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Types of Volunteer Opportunities

The Wired Impact volunteer system can help your nonprofit organize two types of opportunities:

When you need volunteers at a fixed date and time, like for an annual event, post a one-time volunteer opportunity.

For volunteers that are needed across different days and times, such as weekly or remote positions, use the flexible volunteer opportunity option.

Build a Website That Drives Growth

A great website can help you grow your nonprofit by collecting online donations, boosting event attendance and recruiting much-needed volunteers. Wired Impact’s websites offer nonprofit-specific features like the volunteer system because we want to help you reach your goals.


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