See the Volunteer System

The volunteer management system makes it easy to recruit, manage and mobilize volunteers through your website. See how in this video tour.

Available on the Amplify plan

Works with any design option

Includes ongoing updates

Screenshot showing customizable fields to create a volunteer opportunity.

Find the Right Volunteers

Offering meaningful opportunities for people to connect with your mission is crucial for growing your volunteer community. 

With our volunteer system, you can post unlimited one-time or ongoing opportunities on your website. Each listing can be customized to share info like:

  • When do you need help?
  • What will volunteers be asked to do?
  • What can they get out of the experience?

Seamless On-Site Signup

Allow volunteers to register for upcoming opportunities using a simple RSVP or custom form

Collect the information you need from volunteers, all while keeping them on your website. 

Screenshot showing a volunteer opportunity and RSVP form.

Ready to Ramp Up Your Volunteer Program?

Book a call with our team to discuss your approach to volunteer recruitment and what we’ve seen work for nonprofits just like you. 

Screenshot showing the option to email all volunteers registered for an opportunity.

Better Turnout = Bigger Impact

Increase volunteer turnout by sending email reminders so participants show up ready to help.

Spend more time making a difference, and less time scrambling to cover no-shows.

Wired Impact’s classic and simple platform is user-friendly and appealing to website visitors. My favorite is their volunteer management system! It’s just a click of a button to email all volunteers who have signed up for a particular opportunity.

Lindsay Gray, VECINA

Keep Track of Participants

Every volunteer has an individual profile that records contact information and RSVP history.

You’ll know who your best volunteers are and what skills they have to share.

Screenshot of a volunteer profile with contact information, notes and RSVP history.