Unlimited requests included on all plans.
No additional charge.

Website updates can be stressful. Not because they’re necessarily hard. But because the stakes are high. You don’t want to mess something up for the world to see.

If you ever need a hand, you can let our team take care of making website updates for you.

No matter your website plan, send any 30-minute website task our way to tackle.

You’ll save time and get peace of mind knowing your website is in good hands.

How the Process Works

Clients can request our team take care of any 30-minute website task. When submitting a support request, just check the box that says ‘I’d like Wired Impact to make this change.’

How many requests are included?

There’s no limit to how many 30-minute requests you can send our way. If you have more than one task request at the same time, we’ll work through them in the order that we receive them. Once one task is complete, we’ll move onto the next one.

Experience It For Yourself

We’re determined to help you build a website your visitors will love. Book a call to get your questions answered and make sure there’s a solid mutual fit.

What’s Included?

We can take on any website task that’ll take our team 30 minutes to complete, including things like:

Page content updates and formatting
Embedding third party tools
Basic integration setup
Updating header and footer content

Adding redirects or vanity URLs
Adjusting navigation menus and sidebars
Updates to existing forms
Creating forms based on pre-built form templates

Anything Not Included?

Everything that happens on your website is on the table! But there are some things that we aren’t able to cover, either because they’ll take longer than 30 minutes or happen outside of the website. This could include things like:

Writing new content for a page
Designing website pop-ups
Managing settings within your domain

Creating emails in your email platform
Building new forms from scratch
Configuring third-party tools

Not sure if a task is included? It never hurts to ask! If we can’t do something for you, we can typically help get it started and provide instructions on what you’ll need to do to get it across the finish line.

For more of your strategy-focused questions, our Marketing Advice program is always there for feedback and how-to tips.

And if you find you need a little more help than the 30 minutes allow for, just let us know. We’re always happy to discuss custom add-on services.

How It Helps

Emily Vandas

“Updating our website was a seriously daunting task. Really appreciated having the Wired Impact team to turn to when I needed direction. We have a fantastic final product due to their expertise! They made the website shine. Thanks again!”

— Emily Vandas, St. Louis Regional Health Commission

“I probably sound like a broken record at this point but really can’t explain how tremendously helpful (and stress-relieving) the 30-minute tasks have been – worth every penny so again thank you!”

— Support email from Erika Dupépé, Jefferson Children’s Advocacy Center

Denise LaBuda

“The team at Wired Impact has helped us every step of the way, from how to organize our content, to supporting us as we built out all the pages, to doing a thorough page by page audit before we launched the site, to helping us fix things now that we are live. The staff is patient, friendly and very responsive. Love working with them all!

— Denise LaBuda, Council on Aging of Central Oregon

Our team will help make sure your website follows best practices through these 30-minute tasks, including accessibility and user-friendly content. We’ve written a lot on the topic, including: