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A Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Website Graphic
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A Day in the Life: How Websites Work for Nonprofits

A well-built website never clocks out. Sound asleep? On vacation? In a meeting? A nonprofit website will carry on its day-to-day life whether or not you’re paying attention—which makes it easy to overlook all that the website does for your organization. To see how websites work for your cause around the clock, we’ve put together an example of a “day in the life” of our favorite marketing tool. (more…)

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Moderating Blog Post Comments
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Moderating Nonprofit Blog Post Comments

Say you post a story about a community member with a strong connection with your cause that you know will resonate with your supporters. When you have a commenting feature on your blog, your readers can actually engage with the story, sharing their own personal connections or words of encouragement and advice—all through the blog post comments. (more…)

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Marketing Podcasts for Nonprofits
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10 Leadership and Marketing Podcasts for Nonprofits

When you’re looking for professional development or just some food for thought while you walk the dog or commute to the office, podcasts offer an easy way to stay on top of trends and learn new things. And while there are lots of leadership and marketing podcasts that cover a range of industries, you can find inspiration and encouragement from nonprofit-specific podcasts, too. (more…)

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The Keys to Website Accessibility Standards


Why Should My Nonprofit Care About Website Accessibility Standards?

Have you thought about what it’s like for a person with a disability to use your website as it was intended to be used? You aren’t intentionally exclusive when it comes to who can join your community, so why wouldn’t you want a website that mirrors your organization’s inclusive values? Website accessibility standards help you create a truly user-friendly website that provides a positive experience for everyone who visits. (more…)

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