Free advertising for nonprofits
Marketing Strategy


Free Advertising for Nonprofits: Getting Started With Google Ad Grants

I don’t think there is a nonprofit in existence that hasn’t (at one point or another) had to worry about budgeting funds for advertising. For many nonprofits, it’s the first thing to go when the budget gets tight. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, organizations of all sizes have already jumped on the opportunity to get $10,000 in free advertising for nonprofits every month — for free, like really free. (more…)

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construct a social media call to action
Social Media


How to Make a Better Social Media Call to Action

Nonprofits distribute a wide range of content on social media, from photos, video and infographics to invitations, reports and blogs. Regardless of whether you’re looking to educate, inspire or raise money, perfecting your social media call to action will help make sure that your content converts followers into something more. (more…)

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Building Links
Search Engine Optimization


Building Links on Your Nonprofit Website

In the grand scheme of the web and its powers of interconnectivity, links are king. You want to link to relevant websites from your content, and you want relevant websites to link back to you. Having popular websites link to your site (building links) gives you a boost up in the eyes of search engines. And the more boosts you get, the stronger your website and the easier it is to show up near the top of a search engine results page when someone is looking for your organization or the type of work that you do. (more…)

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