Role at Wired Impact

Diego is a designer at Wired Impact. He adds his design touch to nonprofit websites and promotional materials to improve user experiences across a broad scope of work. He works to highlight each organization’s mission in a way that appeals to new visitors and supporters alike.

You’ll also see him working closely with our marketing team to develop new resources, guides and communications. 

Why He Loves This Work

Diego has two different sides: his rational/critical thinking side and his creative/artistic side. He has found in design (and specifically in UI design) a way to merge both sides. The opportunity to use his design skills to help the organizations working to make the world a better place adds an extra layer of meaning to his work.

His Path to Nonprofit Web Work

Diego graduated from Blas Pascal University with a degree in graphic design. For his thesis, he helped design a platform to make classic literature interactive and increase engagement from high school students. At that point, he realized that a career in design would allow him to make a difference in people’s lives. He just needed to find the right place to focus his efforts.

And at Wired Impact, he found just the place. He’s able to use his design expertise to help nonprofits, which gives meaningful purpose to his work.

Outside of Work

Diego loves to learn new things. You’ll always find him taking a course, starting a new activity or trying a different sport. His favorites are padel and soccer, but he’ll never say no if you invite him to play something new. He also likes board games, escape rooms, and any sort of activity that puts the mind to work.