MindsEye Radio

Disability Services | Scholar

MindsEye is committed to making a visible world accessible to all, so when it came to building a new website, it was essential that it serve people with visual disabilities. Using the Scholar theme meant their design was compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (version 2.1) from the get-go, allowing them to maintain accessibility for users of all abilities and build a more inclusive community.

See the Fund Texas Choice website before-and-after

Fund Texas Choice

Reproductive Justice | Vision

Working on the front lines of abortion access, Fund Texas Choice needed a website with the flexibility to mobilize supporters and easily assist clients in a constantly changing legal landscape. Their bold new site makes essential information easy to find, demonstrates their impressive impact and works seamlessly with their preferred tools to simplify fundraising and advocacy.

Working with Wired Impact was straightforward and efficient. All of our questions were answered every step of the way, and their team was absolutely fantastic!

Fund Texas Choice

Cat Tales Wildlife Center

Animal Rescue | Pioneer

Cat Tales Wildlife Center provides a safe home for rescued big cats and wild animals. They needed a website that not only demonstrated their credibility as a rescue organization, but also supported their work to educate and nurture a community of wildlife enthusiasts. Their new site combines their team’s years of expertise with powerful photos and stories to inform and engage audiences of all ages.

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Mercer Council on Alcoholism & Drug Addiction

Substance Abuse Prevention | Vision

Mercer Council on Alcoholism & Drug Addiction provides a wide range of programs and services to prevent substance abuse, and they needed a website to connect members of their community with the right resources. Their new site is a powerful, visually engaging hub of information that makes it easy for audiences to find help, access services or get involved with their mission.

International Rivers

Environmental Justice | Pioneer

Working to build a global movement for river protection, International Rivers needed a modern, responsive and user-friendly website that could help them share decades of expertise and impact with their audiences around the world. The end result is a powerful, engaging website full of essential resources that empower communities and drive action for their mission.

International Rivers logo

As someone who has never built out a website before…I received the information and support I needed to advance this important milestone for our organization.

Laurel Levin, International Rivers
See the KIF1A.ORG website before-and-after


Rare Disease Research & Advocacy | Pioneer

As a group focused on improving the lives of those affected by a rare disorder, KIF1A.ORG needed a way to unite their global community of families, researchers and medical professionals. Their new website connects audiences around the world with the educational resources, stories and support they need to navigate life with a rare genetic disease and accelerate research for a cure.

Human Immunome Project

Medical & Scientific Research | Vision

After a major rebrand and the release of a new strategic plan, the Human Immunome Project was ready for a dynamic and modern new website to match. Their bold colors and creative use of the Vision theme bring their work to life, and their clear website structure illustrates how even complex global health research can be made accessible to a wide audience.

Northside Youth & Senior Service Center

Community Services | Scholar

Supporting both youth and seniors is a mission that’s constantly evolving, and Northside Youth & Senior Service Center needed a website that reflected all they’re doing to meet their community’s needs. Telling their story with pride, the new website clearly organizes important information, making it easy for underserved families and aging adults to find the support they need to thrive.

Clinton School of Public Service

Education | VISION

The Clinton School of Public Service at the University of Arkansas offers a first-of-its-kind degree program and needed a website that reflected its dynamic, forward-thinking vision. Their new site provides a streamlined and accessible experience for students, welcoming the next generation of public servants and illustrating all the program has to offer.

Their team truly felt like an extension of our own, which is exactly what we were looking for in a website partner.

Patrick Newton, Clinton School of Public Service

Aging Ahead

Senior Support | Airy

Aging Ahead has been offering programs and services to support aging adults across the region for 50 years, and they needed a site that could easily connect older audiences and their caregivers to vital resources. Their new site expertly uses forms to collect service requests as well as motivate donors, volunteers and community supporters.

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