Easy Web Page Editor

Easy Web Page Editor

When it comes to building and updating a website, an easy web page editor is crucial. No one has the time to remember technical codes or fiddle around in a complicated system that makes it hard to  accomplish simple things like adding a linked button or centering an image on the page.

Wired Impact websites use the WordPress content editor to create, build out and edit web pages. And we’re really proud of how easy it is to use. We’ve adapted WordPress just for nonprofits so that you have a more intuitive and simpler editing experience and can use customized features we think you’ll love.

Our Website Editor

Adding buttons, specially-designed call to action boxes, icons and more is as easy as selecting the corresponding block and dropping it in your content. Each block that you add to your page or post can use a different content layout. As the name implies, the blocks will stack on top of each other to build out your page.

Gif of adding a block

Types of Blocks

You’ll have lots of different blocks to choose from, including custom blocks designed especially for our nonprofit clients like:

Images & Videos

Consideration Stage


Downloadable Files Icon

Downloadable files

Quotation Marks Icon


List Icon


Tabs Icon

Accordions & Tabs


Progress Bar Icon

Progress bars

Click icon

Calls to action

Button Icon


Volunteer management system icon

Volunteer opportunities

Custom forms icon


Design Considerations

While the editor works the same way across all of our website design options, certain blocks will appear differently based on customizations like your website colors. This helps to give your nonprofit’s website a unique look and feel, unifying all of your content with your branding.

See the Possibilities

There are lots of possibilities when it comes to formatting content and building out web pages with our editor. Check out examples of our nonprofit clients already using the web page editor to create unique websites where supporters can learn more and take action.

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