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Event System

Wired Impact platform websites come equipped with a versatile and easy-to-manage event system that allows for both registration and payment through your website. You’ll be able to quickly create and promote new events, while showcasing a list of upcoming events across your website to boost the number of event attendees.

See the Event System in Action

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Why Should I Include Events on My Website?

It can be off-putting for supporters to get kicked to a third party website to enter personal information, like an address, phone number and, especially, credit card information. An event system allows you to streamline the whole process by keeping visitors on your site from start to finish.

Event promotion is easier this way as well, with a dedicated page on your site to drive people to from email, social media, advertising and other marketing channels. Plus, when events are on your website (and your website is connected to Google Analytics), you’ll be able to analyze the data behind these visitors, how they come to land on your event page and use it to inform your marketing strategy for events.

Event System Features

  • Individual pages for each event (unlimited)
  • Event categories to organize similar events or events for particular audiences
  • One-time or recurring events
  • Embed a paid or free registration form
  • Export a list of registrants to streamline check-in

  • Ability to create a custom form for collecting additional information
  • Show upcoming events onto the homepage and footer, as well as into the sidebar of any page you’d like.
  • Automatically updated list of events to promote upcoming events across the website
  • See event data in Google Analytics

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Types of Nonprofit Events

Through the Wired Impact event system, your nonprofit will be able to easily create four types of events.

Rest easy that online payment and registration for that annual gala or summer concert is taken care of. Enter the details of your event and attach our default paid event form to collect all of the information a nonprofit typically needs for a ticketed event.

You’ll be able to select this option to collect the typical information your nonprofit needs for a free event that you’d like to collect registrations for.

Sometimes, you need to promote an event that doesn’t require payment or registration, like an open house at your nonprofit’s headquarters.

But what if you need to collect information that isn’t included on the paid or free registration forms? You’ll be able to create a custom event form to collect things like t-shirt sizes or meal preferences.

Love the Event System?

Use it to streamline the registration process, anchor promotions and boost attendance. Visit our features page to see other nonprofit-specific systems available with a Wired Impact website. Our pricing page spells out how we charge for the sites we build (without big upfront costs!) and what’s included in the monthly rate for each plan.


Event Promotion Resources

If you’re not ready to partner with us on a new website using our event system, there’s still lots you can do to promote your nonprofit’s events to supporters. Check out these resources from our blog to make the most of your website and online marketing as you prepare for an event.