See the Library

The library system showcases your expertise by giving your resources, reports and more the attention they deserve. See how in this video tour.

Works with any design option

Includes ongoing updates

Screenshot of the Library front-end

Display a Directory of Items With Ease

Connect people with resources in a way that’s intuitive and responsive to all screen sizes. Each item in your library can be built out to suit your needs and filtered by your visitors.

  • Add a featured image
  • Use blocks to format content
  • Assign custom categories
  • Create a short summary
  • Optimize for search engines

Adaptable to a Wide Range of Formats

You have ultimate flexibility when it comes to using the library for your mission. Mix and match different types of items, whether you’re looking to share reports, research and recordings or showcase people, partners, places and other types of content.

Written content

Embedded video

Embedded slides

Embedded audio

File downloads

Images with text

Try the Library System for Free

Sign up for a free trial and see for yourself how easy it could be to showcase your nonprofit’s resources on your website. No credit card required.

Screenshot of the Library with filters applied

Use Your Site to Build Interest & Engagement

Let visitors discover all that you have to offer—without looking aimlessly through pages or being sent away from your site to access what they need.

Use filters to categorize your content, plus quickly link to specific items or categories when you promote them in emails, on social media or using ads.

Screenshot of the Library back-end

Grow Your Library With Unlimited Entries

Much like a blog system, the library is yours to update whenever you need. Instantly publish, delete or edit items without knowing a single piece of code.

Or ask our team to take the work off your plate with 30-minute task requests included in the Amplify website plan!