Role at Wired Impact

Jonathan spends the majority of his time at Wired Impact using his technical background to optimize websites for usability and conversions.

By viewing everything through the eyes of a potential website visitor, he helps Wired Impact build sites that are intuitive and functional. A firm believer in the power technology has to drive engagement, you can often find Jonathan brainstorming how nonprofits can increase their conversion rates. This includes leading the development of systems that manage volunteers, boards of directors and resource libraries. His primary focus is always driving results and ease of use.

Jonathan also spends some of his time diving into website code and has been involved in the creation of roughly 100 websites. He loves the challenge of a complicated website feature, like a sophisticated plugin or complex website interactivity. Jonathan’s on a never-ending crusade to make webpages load faster and gets a bit overly excited about small fractions of a second. He’s a bit of a data geek, but acknowledges it, which at least means he’s not oblivious.

Why He Loves This Work

When Jonathan was deciding where to direct his career, he had two main requirements that resulted in the birth of Wired Impact. He wanted to make a difference in the community, and he wanted to use his experience in technology to do it. Jonathan loves waking up every day knowing he’s helping nonprofits. He gets to see nonprofits making real change in the world, and he gets to put his tech-savvy brain to great use helping them do it.

His Path to Nonprofit Web Work

Jonathan has had an interest in both nonprofits and the internet for a long time. While in college at the University of Southern California (USC), Jonathan spent one summer as an Americorps VISTA member with the American Red Cross in Illinois doing disaster response and emergency preparedness training. He spent another summer interning at United Way of America in Washington, D.C., where he helped complete a market analysis of the training opportunities offered to local United Way organizations.

Jonathan graduated from USC with a major in Business, a minor in Nonprofits, Philanthropy and Volunteerism, and a specialization in Web Development. He then spent four months implementing a mobile technology network for an NGO in Karnataka, India, through a fellowship with the USC Stevens Institute for Innovation.

He saw firsthand the empowering and transformative effect technology can have on an organization. When he returned from India, he founded what is now Wired Impact in August of 2009.

Outside of Work

Jonathan recently left his role as the chairperson of the Launch St. Louis Board of Directors, a nonprofit that focuses on developing and retaining young professionals in the St. Louis area by driving them to get involved in the community.

He likes to be outside, watch movies and make milkshakes that go back generations. He’s a big Cardinals fan, but respects what the Cubs are trying to do.

Awards & Honors

Jonathan has been fortunate enough to receive some fantastic awards and honors. Here’s a list of some of them:

Some of Jonathan’s Writing

Sometimes Jonathan has a chance to write for various websites about programming and how to use the web more effectively. Here are some of his posts:

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