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Get Reporter-Ready with our Press Page Checklist

Does your nonprofit website tell journalists that you’re ready for prime time? In today’s media world, reporters are under a lot of pressure to find and publish stories on tight deadlines and limited resources. If anyone could relate to that, it’s nonprofit marketers like you! Let’s make it easy for both the media and your nonprofit by creating a compelling press page on your site. (more…)

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social media ambassador
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4 Benefits to Starting a Social Media Ambassador Program

Whether you’re looking to educate, fundraise or inspire, social media offers endless opportunities. But it also presents a challenge: breaking through the noise of other nonprofits doing the same thing. What if you could spread the word more easily – and with more impact – with supporters you already know? That’s exactly what a social media ambassador program is designed to do. (more…)

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Free advertising for nonprofits
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Free Advertising for Nonprofits: Getting Started With Google Ad Grants

I don’t think there is a nonprofit in existence that hasn’t (at one point or another) had to worry about budgeting funds for advertising. For many nonprofits, it’s the first thing to go when the budget gets tight. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, organizations of all sizes have already jumped on the opportunity to get $10,000 in free advertising for nonprofits every month — for free, like really free. (more…)

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