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4 Tips to Optimize Your Signup Forms

Persuasive and painless. This one-two punch can be a good way to think about crafting signup forms to grow your list of subscribers. It’s about immediately drawing people in and then making the signup process quick and easy. And content has a lot to do with that. (more…)

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Cut the Image Rotator from Your Nonprofit's Homepage
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Cut the Image Rotator from Your Nonprofit’s Homepage

Remember that popular kid in high school with the most stylish clothes, piercing eyes and perfectly coiffed hair? We all knew that person. Beyond their entrancing looks, they got away with everything and distracted you from all of your school work, because let’s face it, they were dreamy. An image rotator (a.k.a. image carousel, image slider) on your nonprofit’s homepage is a lot like that; it looks pretty slick, but in the end it’s incredibly distracting and bad for conversions.


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