Donor Flow Optimizer

The Donor Flow Optimizer for Nonprofit Websites

Grade your website’s donation process to identify quick wins that can help you raise more money.

Turning visitors into donors is the result of a strategic process.

Donations don’t just happen. It takes strategy, care and a little elbow grease to put the right wheels in motion.

If you’re looking to take your online fundraising efforts to the next level, it’s time to reexamine your website’s donor flow—the process of moving someone from a passive visitor to a committed supporter.

Raise more money with a better donor flow.

Use our free Donor Flow Optimizer for Nonprofit Websites to grade your process in three stages: before, during and after a donation. Simply answer key questions about what you’re doing in each phase, get your score, and then start optimizing based on personalized recommendations for your organization.


Increase donations by identifying stages of your current donor flow that can be improved to eliminate frustrations.


Jumpstart online giving with best practices and recommendations that will help you raise more through your site.


Uncover your top online fundraising priorities, including strengths and weaknesses, then add notes, share, and update over time.

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Here’s a little taste of the Donor Flow Optimizer in action:

Gif of the Donor Flow Optimizer tool in action