Website Structure

Structure #2 – Driven By Programs

This structure works well for:

  • Nonprofits who primarily are driven by 2 – 3 distinct program areas
  • Nonprofits whose programs are largely set and likely won’t be introducing new programming areas in the near future
  • Organizations looking to appeal to both supporters and program participants in need of services


Driven by Programs Website Structure

When using this structure, be sure to:

  • Avoid Jargon in Top-Level Page Names – It’s easy to slip into using jargon in describing your program areas. But remember, many of your visitors, especially new visitors, won’t be familiar with your lingo. Try to use language that all of your visitors can understand.
  • Use Clear Program Page Names – Make sure you name your program child pages in a way that’s clear to visitors unfamiliar with what you do. If the full name of a program isn’t straightforward to a new visitor, you’ll likely want to use a descriptive page title and save the program’s full name for content within the individual page.
  • Avoid Including One Program in Multiple Program Areas – It can be confusing to visitors if one page is accessible in two different dropdown menus. If a program somewhat falls into two or more program areas, pick the best fit. You can still link to this program page from the pages within the other program areas as it makes sense to do so.
  • Clearly Highlight Next Steps on Program Pages – On each individual program page, be sure to tell an interested visitor how to take the next step. It could be filling out a form, sending you an email or giving you a call. No matter what it is, make it clear and consider a prominent button or call to action so your visitors don’t miss it.