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We build websites for growing nonprofits.

Our mission is simple: Build websites to help nonprofits grow at a price they can actually afford.

We used to build large, custom websites for a limited number of nonprofits each year. While we loved this work and got to partner with some incredible organizations, our impact was limited to nonprofits that could afford to spend a good deal of time and money on nonprofit web design projects.

We felt there should be a better way to connect nonprofits with powerful websites. So we built one.

We’re on a mission to get a powerful website in the hands of every nonprofit that wants one. And we’re enjoying every step of that journey.

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Who We Are

Every member of our team has a unique path that brought them to Wired Impact. We’ve spent time in gigantic, multinational organizations and small, grassroots ones. We’ve worked alongside organizations in the United States and all over the world. We’ve been teachers, consultants, volunteers and advocates.

We bring a passion for making the world a better place to every project we touch.

Jonathan Goldford

David Hartstein

Allyson Lough

Christine Ward

Dan Waldschmidt

Katy Teson

Nickie Bartels

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How We Support Nonprofits

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Nonprofit Websites for $69/Month

No contracts. No upfront fees. For real.

We’ve taken the power of WordPress and tailored it entirely to the needs of nonprofits. Get essential features for growing nonprofits and ongoing support that’s actually helpful—all starting at $69/month.

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Ongoing Marketing Engagements

We work closely with nonprofits looking to rapidly expand their online marketing efforts.

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WordPress Plugins for Nonprofits

We love nonprofit tech so much that we build WordPress plugins nonprofits can use for free.

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A Website to Fuel Your Growth

Learn more about building a website capable of jump-starting your nonprofit’s growth and helping you fulfill your mission.

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