Why We Do This

Why We Do This

Our Mission

Our mission is a simple one:

We make websites that make good happen.

We were making websites. And we liked it. A lot. But we had this nagging desire to feel like what we were spending every day doing really mattered. We wanted to be able to step back at the end of a year of work and know that we’d spent all our time working towards something that had an impact on the world around us.

We started Wired Impact because we believe there’s a huge need for nonprofit organizations to more effectively utilize the web. And it makes us really excited to work with these organizations to realize this potential and help them better serve their communities. That’s something we feel we can be proud of every day.

Nonprofits on the Web
Our Values and Commitments

These are the values that govern our everyday here at Wired Impact.

Internet is a Tool

We believe the internet is a tool that can be used to create a lot of good. And we understand we need to do our part to ensure it’s being used in this way. We do this by:

  • Building great websites that actually do things and aren’t just static
  • Using our own website to not only tell our story, but also to share resources that are useful to organizations seeking to help others
  • Striving to take the tools that exist today and make them better

Relationships Make More Good Happen

We believe forming relationships helps us build websites that make good happen. Organizations know way more about themselves than we do. We aim to pair our knowledge of how the web works with an organization’s insights and understandings to make a website that matters. We do this by:

  • Asking a lot of questions
  • Collaborating with others that are interested in using the internet to do more good
  • Responding to emails and phone calls within one business day
  • Completing all of our tasks when we say we’re going to
  • Being honest and genuine, even if that means disagreeing
  • Asking for and acting on feedback from clients so we can do better in the future

Empowering Nonprofits and Advocates

We believe it’s our job to empower the organizations we work with to make informed decisions and be independent when using their website to bring more good into the world. We also think we can empower people we don’t work with by providing helpful content and resources. We do this by:

  • Being transparent, both internally and externally, about our pricing, skills, team, timelines and anything else we can think of
  • Being willing to tell an organization when we’re not a good fit for their project
  • Dedicating time to producing helpful content and resources outside of client deliverables
  • Providing detailed trainings that walk through how our nonprofit clients can manage and update their websites

Driven By Results

We believe tangible, measurable results should drive all that we do. By focusing on results, we can identify why we’re doing what we’re doing and how well we’re doing it. We do this by:

  • Identifying goals for every undertaking
  • Installing Google Analytics visitor tracking software on every website we build and providing training on how to use it
  • Using insights from data to inform decisions about revisions and adjustments
  • Measuring our own success outside of purely financial terms