Wired Impact Values

How We’re Different

Wired Impact exists because we believe nonprofits of all types and sizes should be able to use the web to drive their missions forward. Over the years we’ve honed an approach specifically designed for growing nonprofits.

Our Values & Commitments

Wired Impact Values Relationships

Partnerships make good happen.

We believe forming partnerships helps us build websites that make good happen. We aim to pair our knowledge of how the web works with an organization’s passion to make a website that matters.

Wired Impact Values Empowering Nonprofits

Knowledge empowers nonprofits.

We believe it’s our job to empower the nonprofits we work with to use their site to bring good into the world. We also empower nonprofits we don’t work with by providing helpful content and resources.

Wired Impact Values Internet Tool

The Internet is a force for good.

We believe the web can be used to create a lot of good. And we love finding new ways to do just that.

Wired Impact Values Data

Decisions are driven by data.

We believe tangible results should drive all that we do. That way, we can identify what’s working for the nonprofits we serve.

These principles guide our team and the work we do with nonprofits every day. In practice, we think they make us pretty different from many of the other companies out there.

Wired Impact PlatformWe Built a New Approach to Nonprofit Websites

We want to help as many organizations as possible harness the power of a truly effective website. To do that, we created a new WordPress-based website service geared toward the specific needs of growing nonprofits—from features and monthly pricing to hands-on support.

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Your Site Should Be a ToolWe Believe Your Site Should Help You Grow

It’s true your website should look good. But it also should empower your nonprofit to actually do more good. It should have a meaningful impact on your organization, such as:

  • Boosting fundraising by inspiring website visitors to become donors and helping you maintain relationships with past donors
  • Increasing volunteerism by connecting you with new volunteers and easing the process of managing volunteer events
  • Raising awareness of your organization by publishing content that resonates with potential supporters and making information easy for them to find
  • Serving your community by sharing educational content or offering tools and resources your community members rely on

We believe your site should deliver measurable outcomes and help you reach your goals as an organization.

We Focus on Nonprofits IconWe Focus on Nonprofits

We spend all our time thinking and talking about nonprofits. In addition to building websites, we write about how nonprofits can use the web on our nonprofit marketing blog and help organizations with ongoing marketing needs. Our team debates nonprofit technology all the time (sounds like a lot of fun, right?). We’ve written for a bunch of places, including:

We Won't Lock You InWe Won’t Lock You In

We won’t lock you in with proprietary software or long-term contracts. We’re interested in building relationships with nonprofits that want to work with us, not locking folks into doing so.

We Give Out Our Cell NumbersWe’re Reachable

We want you to feel like we’re a partner. That’s why we respond to all emails and phone calls, including support questions, within one business day. We’ve dealt with companies that are hard to reach or disappear when you need them the most. We have no interest in being one of those companies.

We Offer Expert Support IconWe Offer Support from Nonprofit Marketing Experts

When you have a problem, the last thing you need is to talk to a “support rep” whose goal is to get you off the phone. Our team includes specialists in nonprofit marketing, content strategy, web design, project management and programming. We’ll get you in touch with someone who can actually answer your questions.

We Work Within Your Budgetary Constraints IconWe Know You’re on a Budget

We know you need to get the most bang for your buck and keep as much money dedicated to serving your community as you can. That’s why our nonprofit websites start at $69/month and scale based on your needs (without any upfront fees).

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We Tell You What We Think IconWe Tell You What We Think

We believe our role is to not only bring technical know-how but also knowledge of what works when it comes to nonprofit marketing. We’ll tell you what we think is best given your situation and what’s likely to produce the best results for your organization.

We Build Tools for Nonprofits

In addition to making websites, we also build WordPress plugins for nonprofits. Check them out to see if any seem like a good fit for your nonprofit. They’re free to use regardless of whether or not you’re building a site with us.

We Use Data to Make Improvements IconWe Think Data is Empowering

Without measurement, it’s impossible to know if your website is actually helping your nonprofit do more good. That’s why we share analytics and measurement tips on our blog and include proper Google Analytics setup when building your website. We love to work with organizations using website data to figure out what’s working well and what can be adjusted. We’re data geeks. And we’re not ashamed to admit it.

Advice Unique to Your Needs

If you know your nonprofit is ready for growth, but don’t know exactly how to get there, reach out to us. We’re happy to share our experience with similar organizations and find what’s right for you.

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