What Our Clients Say

We can say anything we want about ourselves. But we think it means a whole lot more coming from some of the folks we’ve worked with. Here’s what nonprofits across the country have to say about working with Wired Impact to build their website.

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Wired Impact gave us all the confidence to successfully launch a professional, user-friendly and beautiful website within our expedited time frame. David and the team’s willingness to understand our needs and quickly provide solutions made it a dream to work with them. We are thrilled to grow alongside Wired Impact!
Sydney Bartunek, Founder
Move to Heal South Dakota

Wired Impact is a very effective solution for nonprofit organizations looking for a high-end, high-impact website that is easy for your staff to maintain at a price point that will not drain your precious resources.

Marc Berkman, CEO
Organization for Social Media Safety

Moving our website to Wired Impact has been a seamless experience for us – even when there was a big issue with our previous domain host not complying with the standard protocols of turning over domain information. The Wired Impact team kept me informed of the problem, and continually stayed on top of the issue until it was resolved. It is so refreshing to know the Wired Impact team is there if we need them. They respond quickly to any requests, with helpful information and detail. Amazing customer service!

Sara Mascio
Sara Mascio, Vice-President and Scholarship Chairman
Castro Valley Educational Foundation

The pre-built forms and examples took the guesswork out of it for us. That was huge. We’re great at making sure people in long-term care have what they need to have a great life, but we’re not experts in graphic design and user experience. It was so nice that Wired Impact’s site was basically done when we got ahold of it… we just had to make it our own.

Marjorie Moore
Marjorie Moore, Executive Director

It has been a pleasure overall. While it is a big job to create the positioning and content for the site, the even more daunting technical part is not a concern when working with Wired Impact, and the practical advice on all aspects has been greatly appreciated and quite valuable.

David Kufeld
David Kufeld, Founder & Executive Director
Giving Everyday Charitable Trust

Wired Impact is the expert in the field of nonprofit website design. Their classic and simple platform is user-friendly and appealing to website visitors. The integrations and forms facilitate engagement. My favorite is their volunteer management system! It’s just a click of a button to email all volunteers who have signed up for a particular opportunity. We would highly recommend Wired Impact to nonprofits looking to revamp or build their websites.

Lindsay Gray, VECINA
Lindsay Gray, CEO/Treasurer

We are so happy with our new website, and we’ve been receiving positive feedback from our members as well. Wired Impact provided the tools, expertise, and support that enabled our small team to create a new, high-impact site without a hefty price tag. Administering the website is easy and intuitive.

Arisa Koyama, The Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH)
Arisa Koyama, Administration & Communications Coordinator
The Consortium of Universities for Global Health

Updating our website was a seriously daunting task. Really appreciated having the Wired Impact team to turn to when I needed direction. We have a fantastic final product due to their expertise! They made the website shine. Thanks again!

Emily Vandas, Strategic Analyst
St. Louis Regional Health Commission

When I first called, I was nervous because our nonprofit was a startup and we tried to do a website on our own and it was not working out. I spoke with David and he was so patient with me and answered all my questions. That led me to sign up. Allyson was assigned to our account and she was so great in walking us through the process.

Patricia Dejohn, Founder/Chairman
New Beginnings Community Co-op

My greatest concern was my lack of knowledge with regards to social media. Wired Impact provided everything we needed to get started and have a professional product. [Our project manager] was responsive to our needs and she made sure that we were comfortable every step of the way.

Jackie Kemp, Executive Director/Founder
Lead the Way Learning Academy

Working with David and the team was the absolute best. They took their time to fully understand our needs and wants and were able to offer great suggestions. What I loved about them the most is that they were not pushy nor forcing what they felt and thought the site should contain on us. But rather guide us along the process displaying pros and cons of everything and allowing us the opportunity to make the final decision. Their attention to detail helped a lot. Their communication along the development of the site was the best I have ever experienced with a company/vendor I have worked with.

Chris Jean-Baptiste, Board Member
K B S Foundation Ltd.

Working with Wired Impact has been an empowering experience. I was given the tools I needed to create a professional and beautiful website. The team was available at every step and incredibly helpful! 10/10 would recommend!

Stephanie Talavera, Development & Communications Manager, Children’s Law Center of California
Family Justice Initiative

The team at Wired Impact has helped us every step of the way, from how to organize our content, to supporting us as we built out all the pages, to doing a thorough page by page audit before we launched the site, to helping us fix things now that we are live. The staff is patient, friendly and very responsive. Love working with them all!

Denise LaBuda, Planning and Product Development Director
Council on Aging

I can’t say enough about the positive experience and results I’ve enjoyed working with Wired Impact. If you’re seeking to start a nonprofit—then by all means—you need to hire a gifted and reputable company that specializes in designing dynamic websites for nonprofits. The team at Wired Impact is this and much more.

Michael Tinnon, Founder and President
Save A Veteran Today

Wired Impact has been such a pleasure to work with over the past two years, where they’ve worked closely with our marketing and communications team on not one, but two separate and distinct websites. I can’t say enough about their professionalism, web design and online marketing expertise, attention to detail, response time, and most importantly passion for working with nonprofits. 

They genuinely love what they do and it shows. They took the time to listen, to dig deep and understand what our organization was all about, what our vision was, and how to best present it to the world. I couldn’t be happy with the end products and continue to enjoy working with their team to this day. Thank you Nickie, David, Katy, and the whole Wired Impact team!

Mary Korba, Web Content Manager
Martha's Vineyard Community Services

We originally thought that all we needed was an updated website for our non profit. Through the professional insight and patient guidance of Nickie and the team at Wired Impact, we created a website that is miles beyond what we had originally envisioned. It is a fresh, eye catching, informative and user-friendly site that takes our foundation to the next level.

Jane Davis,
A Gift of Smiles

The Wired Impact team impressed us with their project management skills and thorough research to understand our organization and mission. The attention to detail combined with their creative talent brought to life our vision for an engaging website to better connect with our community.

Kathryn Atchley, President

When you choose Wired Impact you get a nice, professional team with awesome customer service, expertise and a missing piece of your Communications team. Wired Impact helped us tell our story perfectly on the web, they’re easy to work with, and they continue to empower us to manage our website in-house.

St. Vincent de Paul Georgia
Amanda Stricklin, Director of Vincentian Services
St. Vincent de Paul Georgia

I have never personally built a website before. The website building tools and accessibility of Nickie Bartels throughout the process to answer questions via email or hop on a quick call was invaluable. I am very satisfied with my choice to work with Wired Impact.

DeShawn Taylor
DeShawn Taylor, Founder and President/CEO
Desert Star Family Planning Institute

It’s been wonderful working with Wired Impact. They are diligent, supportive, and professional. As someone who has never built out a website before, I felt I received the information and support I needed to advance this important milestone for our organization.

International Rivers logo
Laurel Levin, Operations Associate
International Rivers

The entire Wired Impact team was very helpful and professional from the very beginning of the website building process. They outlined very well step by step on how the process would work, and what happened next after meeting each milestone. The team was encouraging, helpful, provided great feedback to improve our site, and punctual with any and all questions or concerns. We highly recommend Wired Impact.

Mike Curtis
Mike Curtis, Director of Special Initiatives
MindsEye Radio

Every step throughout the process was super clear and we felt very well taken care of. As someone who has had to build websites from scratch, it was comforting knowing you had it all covered on the back-end and with integrations.

Nora Landis-Shack, External Relations Manager
Fund for Public Health New York

You made the process as painless as possible. You spoke at our level, you didn’t make us feel ignorant when we asked what had to be incredibly dumb questions. But most impressive and important to us was your personal attention and how important you made our cause feel. We truly felt your commitment to our mission and to helping us communicate that mission in an easy-to-follow way to our donors.

Patti Gustafson
Patti Gustafson, Chief Operating Officer
Swifty Foundation

Wired Impact helped break down what could’ve been an overwhelming project into very manageable chunks. And it was very helpful to have a team who had experience working with nonprofits of all sizes, as we knew that feedback and suggestions were grounded in what has and hasn’t worked for others. Also, with the support and management of all the technical elements on the back-end, it allowed us to focus on the element of our website that we knew best: our content.

JR Russ, Former Director of Community Engagement
DC Alliance of Youth Advocates

I have had a joyful journey as I developed my website with instructions from the staff. They were always there when I had questions or concerns. I will recommend them to anyone who wants to start a non-profit with a small budget. You will be very satisfied in the end.

Susan Spann, External Relations Manager
Utility Assist

Pro Bono Partnership found Wired Impact had the deep technical knowledge and expertise to advise us on the right tools, platforms, and options to accomplish our website goals. Thanks in large part to their nonprofit specialization, they were able to help guide us through an ambitious timeline and a complex content and functional process. We’re thrilled with our new site and continue to hear positive feedback from our multiple constituencies!

Marcia Levy, Executive Director
Pro Bono Partnership

From website concept to launch and beyond, the Wired Impact Team has been a great partner. We explored other options and are confident their services have been the best fit for our organization’s needs. The process of building out a website can be a daunting task, but the Wired Impact team’s tools and support made the experience empowering. Their timeliness and friendliness cannot be overstated. We recommend their services to any nonprofit looking to build a great website!

Megan Silvestri, Program Manager
The Stability Network

The Wired Impact team was an incredible partner in our website overhaul. They were responsive, collaborative, patient, creative. From the very first step, they listened to our needs, preferences, ideas, hopes. It felt like their team was just as passionate about our project as we were. They were also always on time with deadlines, and as a result the site launched on time, much to my excitement and surprise. I would recommend their services without reservation, and I would be eager to work with them again… except that they did such a good job that I don’t think we’ll need a new website for many years to come.

Stacey Lewis, Director of Development
Aim High

Working with Wired Impact has been nothing but a positive experience for our organization. The whole team has been friendly, attentive, professional, and creative – all while keeping our project on track and on budget. From the beginning, we were amazed at the amount of communication and feedback they provided as we worked through our main goals for creating a new website. The Wired Impact team took the time to get to know us which is clearly translated in the finished product. We have worked with other website development companies, and they didn’t even come close to the satisfaction we feel with choosing Wired Impact. We would highly recommend Wired Impact to any other nonprofit looking to build a new website. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with them for future needs!

Vanessa Glenn
Vanessa Glenn, Marketing and Communications Manager
Special Olympics New Jersey

Wired Impact helped us create a beautiful, mobile-friendly, and bilingual new website for our multi-service, multi-site youth development center. We chose to go with Wired Impact because of their commitment to results-driven nonprofit marketing. We knew we were on the right track when we saw they start their projects with search engine optimization (SEO) research. Now we have a website that helps our target audiences find us in both English and Spanish.

The staff at Wired Impact are all experts in their fields. We appreciated talking with designers, programmers, and content writers about our ideas and allowing them to guide us toward site components that supported our website goals. It was also very helpful to have a project manager to coordinate it all for us and be our point person throughout the process. And, everyone could not be nicer.

I highly recommend Wired Impact to any nonprofit looking for a full-service website design firm that is results-driven and is a pleasure to work with.

Araceli Rosenberger, Communications Manager
Latin American Youth Center

Wired Impact was so great to work with throughout this process! We are very proud of the quality services we provide to the community and we needed a partner who is also top quality to share their expertise with us. Wired Impact was a perfect fit for us!

Jan Keith
Jan Keith, Director of Community Engagement
Aging Ahead

We are thrilled with how our site turned out. We are grateful to Wired Impact for helping us create our online home for the ectodermal dysplasias community around the world.

We had a great experience working with Wired Impact. They were patient with us and our many questions. We especially appreciated their expertise and ability to educate us throughout the project about aspects that were new to us.

One of Wired Impact’s strengths is that they only work for nonprofits. They understood our challenges and created solutions to help us achieve our goals.

Beyond their talents, the Wired Impact team members were simply great people to work with and have on our team. We decided to extend our engagement with them after launch to help us build on other marketing goals.

We wholeheartedly recommend Wired Impact if you want to build a successful website and have it launch on time and in budget. They are great partners!

Jodi Edgar Reinhardt, Director of Marketing
and Communications
National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias

Wired Impact has been an amazing team to work with! Their unique knowledge of IT, marketing, communications, design, and non-profits allowed for an integrated approach to creating a new website for the St. Louis Arc. We were given guidance on topics and issues, while still respecting our agency’s knowledge and opinions. The team was always quick to respond, even after our project was complete. We would highly recommend Wired Impact to anyone.

St. Louis Arc Logo
Niki Parres, Assistant Director, Marketing
St. Louis Arc

In Wired Impact, we found an organization that is compassionate and caring in a sector that is rife with vendors who only care about signing the next project. From the beginning of the project the staff at Wired Impact made us feel like they always had our best interests in mind. Even before we had signed a contract, they answered every small and nagging question with patience and professionalism. Every deadline was fulfilled on-time on their part. The deliverables were clear and the Project Scope fit our budget without any cost overruns.

Being firmly engaged in the specific needs and cultures of non-profits makes Wired Impact a great choice for organizations that want a tailored, human approach to their next web project. We highly recommend them.

Wes Hoskins, Annual Giving Manager
Catholic Social Services

We had an outstanding experience working with Wired Impact. They helped us launch a new website for our educational programs that we are proud to share with our community and stakeholders. Throughout the process they listened to our ideas and needs, were available to answer any questions, and made us feel like we were their highest priority. The entire team was easy to work with and responsive – they all took the time to make sure we understood each step, from going through the budget in detail to explaining their recommendations for fonts, colors and layouts. They kept us both within budget and on schedule. We are thrilled with how the website turned out and would absolutely recommend Wired Impact.

Abby Pfisterer
Abby Pfisterer, Director
Morven Park Center for Civic Impact

Redesigning and reworking the FSM website (www.fsmonline.org) was an immense undertaking, and we were grateful for all the experience and knowledge that Wired Impact brought to the table! The people at Wired Impact worked closely with us to imagine and design innovative approaches to present information in a direct and very visual way—including an interactive map that allows us to share information about our impact investing and directed philanthropy. Not only were they competent and creative, they were pleasant and thoughtful. We were grateful for their guidance and support throughout!

Franciscan Sisters of Mary Logo
Sandy Ashby, Director of Public Relations and Development
Franciscan Sisters of Mary

We couldn’t have had a better experience working with Wired Impact on our website redesign. From the beginning, their excellent staff and streamlined process allowed us to launch a beautiful and highly-functioning product. Wired Impact’s nonprofit niche gives them tailored knowledge of the sector as well as an understanding of how important it is to keep their services cost-effective so we can continue to serve and empower communities. I can’t speak highly enough of Wired Impact’s quality and service-oriented ethos.

Chelsea Liddy
Chelsea Liddy, Coordinator
Center for Arab American Philanthropy

The website design and development process, from the outset to the launch, included working with Wired Impact on details large and small. And when it was all done, it was a partnership effort that made you genuinely feel like they are on your team, and they are there to help you not only with the website but more in the future. Thank You Wired Impact.

Scott Peterson, CEO and Board President
Global Youth Justice

From start to finish, working with Wired Impact was an absolute pleasure. They stayed within our budget, met every deadline and developed a quality website that we are proud to show off. Unlike some other website developers, there were no hidden charges halfway through the project. The entire team was receptive to feedback and worked to make sure we were 100% satisfied. Simply put, I would recommend Wired Impact without reservation.

Jacob Kuerth
Jacob Kuerth, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator

I’ve been working with Wired Impact for almost two years and highly recommend them to any nonprofit interested in making a huge impact and reaching their constituency online. They have tackled some of our biggest obstacles, and in turn, provided us with solutions that exceed expectations. They’ve been attentive to our evolving needs, providing solutions and high-quality customer service along the way. We look forward to a long-standing relationship with Wired Impact, as they’ve become colleagues as well as our #1 choice for online projects and ongoing strategy support.

Erin Wolfman
Erin Wolfman May, Marketing Manager
Jewish Federation of St. Louis

The team at Wired Impact satisfied all of our requests on time and on budget, resulting in a site far superior in every way to our previous one. Additionally, they provided helpful information on related issues, and advised on the pros and cons of all of the decisions made along the way.

Jenny Levet
Jenny Levet, Communications/Membership Director

We searched for a firm that would truly be a partner in developing and maintaining our website. Wired Impact was the best professional “vendor” I’ve ever worked with in my career. Their superior knowledge, patience and organizational skills have made me a better project manager all-around – not just on our website.

City Academy is a small, local non-profit with limited resources. Wired Impact provided outstanding work within our budget, and set up tools to help us efficiently manage the site on our own.

Kristen Otto
Kristen Otto, Communications Coordinator
City Academy

The team at Wired Impact is thorough, responsive, creative and great at keeping the process moving forward and on time with excellent results. It’s been helpful for us to work with a partner we trust and who has expertise in web marketing, allowing us to concentrate on what we do best – serving our community. I highly recommend Wired Impact for all of your web design and management needs.

Brightside St. Louis Logo
Mary Lou Green, Executive Director
Brightside St. Louis

I highly recommend Wired Impact to anyone looking to create a website for their organization… Wired Impact takes the website development process seriously and makes sure their clients are well informed of the timeline and next steps in order to complete the project on time. Feedback is also essential to their process and makes it feel tailor-made for each client. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to Mississippi First. We hope to continue to work with Wired Impact in the future!

MacKenzie Stroh
MacKenzie Stroh, Director of Communications
Mississippi First

From our first meeting, the staff at Wired Impact was professional, organized, and prepared to work with us as a team.  Hearing our own vision, they helped us achieve it in a timely, efficient manner.  Their warmth and approachability resulted in excellent customer service skills, and I would strongly encourage colleagues and also friends to use their services.  Wired Impact made the process of building a website actually fun and enjoyable.

Christan Perona
Christan Perona, Director of Admissions
Central Christian School

Wired Impact helped our Michigan nonprofit coalition plan, design and launch a beautiful website and were willing to do what it took to meet our demanding deadline. We couldn’t have been more impressed with Wired Impact’s organization and collaboration, and the passion they brought to this project. In the weeks since we launched the new site, we’ve been fielding emails from education nonprofits around the country complimenting us on the final product. I would recommend Wired Impact to any nonprofit, whatever its size or budget.

Michigan Coalition for High Student Standards Logo
David Zeman, Former Communications Director
Michigan Coalition for High Student Standards

We had an extremely positive experience working with the Wired Impact team. They helped us create a wonderful new website that reflects who we are as an organization and enables us to better engage our supporters and beneficiaries. The team was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. They made the whole process seamless. We would highly recommend them.

Answer the Call Logo
Lauren Profeta, Associate Director of Development
Answer the Call

Thank you to Wired Impact for their hard work on transforming our website into an effective, visually appealing, easy-to-use tool for our community stakeholders as well as our staff. Wired Impact is professional, forward thinking, efficient, and have provided our team with the support and information necessary to manage our new website moving forward. The Wired Impact team worked closely with our staff through every step of the redesign from information organization to aesthetic layout. Throughout the process they communicated clearly and consistently with staff and made the transition extremely easy.

Robert Fruend, Jr., Chief Executive Officer
St. Louis Regional Health Commission

My experience working with Wired Impact has been exceptional. They took my vision for our client’s web site and made it real, and it was simple working with them to do so. The Wired Impact team is very knowledgeable and gets the job done right, the first time. I would highly recommend Wired Impact to other nonprofit organizations.

Kyle Schnurbusch
Kyle Schnurbusch, Marketing Director + Consultant
OrgStory LLC

Big thanks to Wired Impact for helping us create our beautiful new website! As someone who’s not very tech-savvy, the idea of making a new website can be very intimidating. However, I found working with Wired Impact to be very easy and not scary at all. The team really cared about getting to know us, our stories, and our mission, and were very accessible throughout the whole process. I’ve already recommended them to friends!

Maria Langston
Maria Langston, Former Executive Director
Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
of Greater St. Louis

Wired Impact made the process of editing and launching a website easy and seamless. In addition to delivering everything on time and on budget, they found innovative ways to improve the site we hadn’t found ourselves. We hope to have the occasion to work with the Wired Impact team again soon.

Max Slavkin
Max Slavkin, Partner
Big New Ideas